48. July 27, 1984

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer

I have exhorted you in numerous ways, by various people, to truly become My people, to become one with your God, that I may cover you with My wings and protect you from the coming judgment; but you have listened to men telling you everything is all right, but everything isnít all right. The Church that was to fulfill the Great Commission has faded into obscurity and I am angry with My children, for they have not fasted and prayed, nor have they been found seeking the face of their God. You have rebelled against My commandments that were meant to lead you to repentance and surrender. You have sought the acquiring of things and manís recognition, rather than total dedication to your God.

Sin is reigning in your streets. The pulpits are involved in fund-raising and building programs as the lost sheep have no pasture, no shepherd. Your carnal explanations about your dilemmas are void of Scriptural truth, and I am ready to laugh at your coming heartaches because you have failed the God of your salvation and have compromised with religious programs that have no heart for the obedience to the commandments of your God.

Your love is not Godly love. It exalts what you can do, and I will not share My glory with another. Your recourse is singular: repent, repent, repent, for judgment is coming.

47. Exalt Whom? π 49. Preach
The End Time Men

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