From Our Father’s Heart

Prophetic Words Given to Jim Corbett

Excerpted from A White Stone
Scriptures Referenced in This Article:

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Num. 32:23 π Jer. 29:11 π Mt. 10:29-31 π Eph. 5:13-14 π 1 Jn. 3:2

How many people have seen My Son in your life? How many have chosen to serve Me through My Son because they have seen Him in you? How many have turned from their ways to My ways because of your ways? Does your neighbor know that you are My tabernacle? Does your enemy know that you are told to lay your life down for him and have agreed to do so?

Do you know that I love the abortionist, the pornographer, the homosexual? Do you know that I have sent you to them that they might see My Son through you, that they might accept Him? Do you have the eternity of your every contact in mind when you address them? If not, why not?

Do not worry, for I have My hand on you. You shall not lack. Do not look to the things that are said by man. My hand directs the stars, My voice commands the rivers to flow. They would stop if I desired it. My desire is for you to serve Me. Nothing will stop that. Draw close.

I notice the terrors of Satan that bluff and talk as if they know what they are saying. They do not know what I have in store other than what I have told them. You shall go forth for I am your God. Not the God that can be changed by the whims of people, but the God that is moved by faith in Me, being able to perform what I promise.

Have I not promised you? When will you realize the magnitude of My power? When will you begin to truly trust Me? Seek Me for Me; not what I can do for you, but for what I am as God. You have no idea what I have in store for you, but I am excited by what I see. I am pleased by My people that have said, “Yes.” When I am praised, all creation knows that I am God.

As the world grows darker, My people will shine brighter because of the love they have for Me, each other and their enemies. This love has already been established in the heavenlies and is about to be poured out in its fullness upon My people. Holy alliances will be made one with another. Kinsman friendships will be established that cannot be intruded upon by the vile jestings and coarse intrusions that are part of those who do not know Me. I call you to separate yourselves, but in that separation, I am also calling you, My children, to come together.

Some of you know the bond of adversity, some know the bond of fleshly desire and adoration, some know the safety of a kindred spirit; but no one has known the heavenly bond of the holy alliance that will knit My bride together for My work to be done and for Me to pour My love upon them. Establish it in your hearts now. Those I call to Myself will know Me, and each other, with the love My Father and I have had from the beginning. Make no provision for the flesh in any relationships I bring your way. In My way there is safety, power, freedom and love.

I call you to holiness, but you are too busy to spend time with Me. I call you to a crucified life, but you cannot die to yourself. I call you to present My Son to those who are dead that they might receive His life, but you curse them in My presence.

Can you not see how cold you really are? Can you not see how far you’ve strayed from My purposes for your life? Who are you saving by your actions? What are the purposes of your comings and goings? Whose agenda are you following, and what is its end?

Wake up. The harvest is white and the workers are few. Pray to the Lord of the harvest. What are His purposes? What is His agenda? Pray for wisdom that you might see with His eyes and move with His heart. The time is short and much is to be done.

“In the name of the Lord,” you say. You go about your business doing your works and call them Mine. How can what you do be truly Mine if you don’t spend enough time with Me to hear Me, to search My heart, to find My ways, to know Me?

I am not in your feasts. I am not in your programs. I am not in your fellowships. A time is coming when those who think they hear My voice will see and understand who they have really been listening to. It is not Me. All the works of the flesh will wash away as so much grime. I will not complete what I did not initiate.

Stop praying for things. Stop working for men and their desires. Begin praying to search Me out. I can be found. I desire to be found. Those who choose to know Me are wise. Those who come to Me will walk the straight, safe path. My ways are sure. My time is well spent for those who have heard Me.

Your carnal mind cannot begin to understand what I have planned for you. I call you My children. That you can understand. When My glory is manifested, My word says you will be as I am. ( 1 Jn. 3:2; top )

If you could only believe. If you would only come close enough that I might express Myself to you. Your eyes are big towards what is happening around you. In your disloyalty, the world is powerful. In your obedience, you can see a little more of My perspective. There is nothing too hard for Me. There is nothing to fear if you choose intimacy with Me over activity in the flesh. My plans for you - who you are now and what you shall become - do not depend on the world and its ways. They are not changed by loud voices.

Understand I do not change. I do not waver. I do not fail. My word is true and at work even now in the din of life. To see My purposes, you must turn to Me. I don’t mean for you to pray about things; I ask you to come to be changed.

I am not interested in what you do as much as I am interested in who you are becoming. How can old things pass away if you remain in them? You are no longer part of this world. Separate yourself from it, for it is soon passing away. Only My word, My ways, will remain. Come to Me now. I love you.

From My perspective, some of you are acting no differently than the world that is perishing. You are using its methods to change its unchangeable heart. Why would you think that true, lasting change can be accomplished by the ways of man? Laws never change hearts, for the heart is wicked. When you move in the flesh, fleshly changes result.

I have never called you to pursue anything but Me. When you do that, we move in the spiritual realm to change hearts, to save those who are perishing. My word shows how fallen man is helpless to even see the need to repent and change his ways. My word shows how My covenant is invoked when My Spirit moves on the heart to come to repentance. When that happens, eternal changes result. That is My way. You cannot see, however, because you want changes your way and you are ineffective because I cannot be with you to empower you because it is not My way. It never will be.

I have one purpose for you now: that you are Mine. It is the purpose My Holy Spirit, who is now in you, has always had. He has always proclaimed the beauty of Jesus to a world out of answers, a world dying in its sin. He has always moved so that those who are perishing might see, and come and be saved.

Why are you not moving in the same direction? All else that seems important is folly. I am not in it. Why would you be?

My holding power is much more powerful than the sinning power of your flesh. When will you grasp the reality of what has been done on the cross for you? Its work runs deeper than any force. Its power is so much greater than anything that may attempt to come against it.

When Jesus died, all that hindered My presence from becoming active and available in your life was removed forever. When He arose, death itself was defeated. Think on that. What that means for you is the freedom to receive My life, My eternal life, and the wealth that comes to you by My presence being with you in your life forever.

When hardship comes, don’t attempt to deal with it by your knowledge or ability. Apply My life to it. Wait for My presence to move. Rest in Me. See My work being done in all situations. Be free by My Spirit and you will have an abundance no matter what the outward circumstances might appear to be.

As My people go about their own version of what My word says, I, the Lord God, am used as a license for them to remain in their sin, or I am left out completely. Where in My word does it say that My people are to be political or moral watchdogs? Where in My word does it say that My people are to condemn the sinner? Where in My word does it say that My people are to search out those things that give them comfort?

I have called My people to holiness. I have called My people to be set apart from all that resembles the world. I sent My Son that the dead may be given life. All do not receive that life. They choose to remain dead.

Your flurry of activities, your agenda of issue involvement, your moral judgment and all of its associated activities have not and cannot bring life to those who choose to remain dead. I am not in your outcry against the world. I am only in your outcry for mercy for your hardened heart.

Repent and turn now. See your spiritual adultery. See your hardened hearts. See your dead, cold churches and weep for them. I have called you to tell the blind of a way that they might see My Son, Jesus Christ. Why do you insist on doing your own will rather than submitting to Me to have your heart changed that they might see Jesus in you?

If only you would learn to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. My will would be known to you daily, but you miss out on many blessings I have for you. I have not called you to a walk of life, but death to your flesh and through that death comes life; My life for you. Have I not called you to take up your cross daily and to follow Me? To do away with self and self-will? Have I not called you for My purpose and My purpose only? I see My church and I know the things that go on in My church. Nothing is hidden from Me, but everything exposed by the light becomes visible for it is light that makes everything visible. ( Eph. 5:13-14 ; Num. 32:23; top )

First love! First love! I am calling you. Look to your first love with Me. Many of you make other things your first love. I am a jealous God and I will remove everything that comes between you and Me. I love you too much to have that happen to you. It is not to dishearten you or discourage you in any way, but so that you will really know the love I have for you.

Healthy life comes from pure seed. The purest seed has fallen willingly to the ground and died. It is My Son, Jesus. I have raised Him up and glorified Him for all eternity.

Should you not follow the example of My Son? Why do you hang on to rotting seed when I am the source of a life that is untouchable by the death and decay of this world? Hold on to those things that bring true life, not those things that are perishing. I have shown you the way, now walk in it. Do not look to the left or to the right, but only to Me for I AM with you. But you must trust Me and Me alone. Your only safety is in the life of My Son, Jesus. That means a complete death to your ways of doing things. It will cost you everything but it is My way for your best life.

The harvest is white right now, but My church is so busy doing good things that they can’t see My things to do. I ask you, when did My gospel call you to any activity that did not have the eternity of the souls of men and women as its purpose? When did I ever ask you to protect your rights? Where in My word does it say that you must occupy your time doing works that have no impact on the salvation of your enemies? I am not in the midst of your projects of men. The ultimate purpose of these doctrines of men is the preservation of your freedoms, your way. I have set you free My way, so that you might share My light in the darkest places for the good of those in bondage. How pitiful and powerless your works are.

You have chosen this day whom you will serve. All projects that have fleshly motives will fail. I call them wood, hay and stubble about to be burned away. Some of you will stand empty handed before Me on that day. You think that your arms are full to present offerings to Me. They are barren and of no eternal worth.

Turn to Me. Remember My desires. I care about the souls of those that are perishing. You care about preserving your life and call it My desire for you. It is not Me you are listening to. Turn now to My purposes.

Do not despair or lose heart when I am taking you through a hard time. Do not despise or turn away from Me, but rather run to Me with open arms. Run into My open arms and know that I will hold you close to Me. In such times as these, do know My purposes for you and My plans for you. ( Jer. 29:11; top ) I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. Just learn to trust in Me. Depend on Me. Rest in Me and know that I am in control of every situation of your life. There is nothing that happens in your life that I don’t know about first. ( Mt. 10:29-31; top ) Put your trust fully in Me and not in the things of this world. Draw close to Me. Spend time with Me. Get to really know Me.

Holiness, denial of self, sacrifice, and the crucified life. Why do you not seek them? They are the truth path to happiness. You fight to protect those things you hold tight and call it My work. You walk without power because you have not made Me your source of power. You are ineffective by My standards, but your search to fulfill your personal needs blinds you from seeing how barren your life really is. In doing your work and calling it Mine, you have become angry, fearful and in need of changing your world. How foolish. How vain.

I am seeking those who cherish holiness unto Me. I will use those who turn from this world and its ways. Despise those things which stop you from giving up your life completely to Me.

Wealth, power, fame, all fall pale next to My glory. Begin to see My glory as something tangible and real in your life, not simply a word, an entity beyond reach for you. My glory is coming back to My people. Surrender fully to what I am doing in your life and you will be a part of what I am doing in the end times. Your only hope is My presence. The world and all of its wisdom is soon to pass away. Do not be distracted by how powerful it seems. It is all a lie. All is moving toward an end I have determined. Do not be fooled. Only in Me is there peace. Only in Me is there the power to overcome. Submit to what I am doing and you will be safe.

I know that this is hard for you to comprehend at times, but your sins no longer exist as far as I’m concerned, if you’ve turned them over to Me through Jesus. Any failure you’ve had, any wrong you’ve done or do is no longer on heaven’s register, if you repent to Me.

My desire is for you to walk in the liberty that has been bought at great cost for you. Do not be weighed down by worldly cares. You cannot see Me clearly through guilt and fear. I am a loving God... You are My child.

Why do you resist My love? Even if I am taking you through a trial, it is for your good. I know best. Please know that I am with you through it; as a father protects the first steps of an infant, I shield you. Just trust Me.

The power of My love can make a way.

The brightness in your eyes will soon reflect the perfected work on the cross by My Son in you.

Your spirit of joyous praise will soon quiet the blasphemous words that defy Me to be the God that I AM.

Your holy presence will make anyone who will not acknowledge Jesus as the only Lord too uncomfortable to remain where they are physically or spiritually.

Who will be able to remain where they are when they see the living Christ as a plumbline in you My people? Choices must be made; it will be life or death. There will be no middle road once My work is fulfilled in you so they can see Me and choose.

Do you see how important it is that you surrender fully to Me? Do you see how important it is to set aside doctrines of man; those that have an appearance of godliness but deny the power of the living God? The only way anyone can really see the power I have created by the cross is to see the change in you. As you walk in holiness, in purity, while remaining in your weak vessel, they will know that such power cannot come from within, but by the one who lives within you. Draw close now. Many lives depend on you becoming what I desire of you.

When did I ever say that ease and comfort would be your lot? Look into My word. Those that I call My own, those I held dear to My heart, at times had no place to live. Even My own Son had no comforts of this world. You seek to satisfy your own needs and call it My will for you. I prosper you and you use it to pad your rest areas.

Do you not see that I cannot use you with a heart that has grown cold? The weight of your possessions and lusts and fears of loss have nullified your testimony. You look no different than the world.

Change your hearts now. Turn from seeking Me for your own gain. The selfless life is the life I have called you to. You gave Me everything. Why do you take it back?

I want to use you for My purposes, but you are too busy serving your own needs. The people perish all around you and you don’t even look up from your toil. You praise Me with your lips, but your hearts are far, far from Me. Return now that I might use you.

Holiness is freedom for you. When Jesus was with you on earth, He never set His mind on the things of the earth. My purposes and My goals were always His goals. As He kept His heart on things above, He walked through all earthly circumstances untouched. Even on the cross He was untouched. There was no earthly power that put Him there. Schemes and dreams of mere men were of no effect, for He was not moved by them.

That same freedom is yours if you trust in Me. You need not be touched by that which is around you. Surrender fully to Me. Seek My purposes rather than your own. Learn of Me and My ways. Submit to My Spirit that you might be free. The work that I plan for you is for your best interest. Submit to it. You, too, can be untouchable if you keep your eyes on Me.

I have sent My Son, Jesus Christ, to die; and I have raised Him from the dead that the world might again be brought into fellowship with Me. I have sent My Holy Spirit to indwell each one that might believe and submit wholly to Him. He is to exhibit to a world dying and, out of real answers, the only answer - the life of Jesus - and it is to be done through those who believe. By His life in you, the believer, others are to see how Jesus loved, lived and died so they might not perish. Your life is to be so empowered by My Holy Spirit that the blind might look at it and recognize the life of Jesus and be brought to Him for their salvation.

Instead of them seeing who My Son really is, they see weak, pitiful, empty ramblings of moral finger-pointing and self-righteous, self-serving religious bigotry. The name of My glorious Son has been brought to such low esteem in the eyes of your world because of your cold, fruitless religion, that they laugh and mock Him instead of calling Him Lord.

When will you hear what I have been telling you? When will you stop your foolish, powerless activity and lock yourself up with Me that you might really exhibit the life of My Son empowered by My Holy Spirit? Repent, turn, stop now! I am waiting for you.

It is the close of a season. I am marshaling My forces. I am preparing hearts to be part of the great army of the body of Christ. Do you see how bold the enemy has become? Do you see how he has attempted to disfigure the children that are called by My name? A turning point is at hand. A new awakening is in this land and it must start with you. Take hold of what you are in Me. Begin to realize that all My promises are for you. Understand though, they are not for self and flesh or your worldly needs. I do desire that you have life more abundantly - yes! Use that life to rise above - look to the provisions I have given you to be used for a greater need. As I gather My army, your part will become increasingly clear. Drop all preconceived notions as to what you felt were the uses for My provisions, and submit to Me with an open mind. I have prepared you for a specific purpose. The time is now - you can be the one. Do not limit Me for I have chosen you.

When I pour out My Spirit, it shall be as never before. This world will know those that follow Me for they shall be set apart; no longer a laughingstock, but a wonder. But deceit will still abound and those stiff-necked ones will find a way to justify their sins and be hardened to even the largest move on My part. Understand that it must be so. Free will is a most misused gift, but it must be so.

Delight in Me for I am about to move in your life. Much has been promised in the short time you have known Me and all will come to pass. I am pleased, but seek My face as never before. Do not worry about what is or is not happening, for I am proud to orchestrate your life.

Learn to submit to My voice, for you will need to know for sure when I am talking and move instinctively. For My Spirit is as a breeze and then gone, so know when it is My Spirit.

Do not fear the giants in the land. The largest and biggest giant in your eyes is simple and small in Mine. The most powerful people with the loudest voices are only a ruptured vessel or stopped heart from being silenced. All is at My control, even though it looks like I have lost control.

I don’t move through worldly, visible power. I don’t move through logic and reason. I move as I see fit for My purposes to be accomplished. My weapons are not and have never been those the world understands. Fire, wind, cold, earth movements cause change and are warnings. Weakness, humility, forgiveness and love are My way of doing much good.

Be sure to see through the plans of men, and remember the plans that I have ordained from the beginning. As they unfold in My perfect timing, do not be surprised by the blindness of this generation - even My people. Those that have not heard, will not hear. Those that would not see, will not be able to see. Surrender fully to My will and My word. It is the only safe place to find sure steps in the coming times.

There will come a time when My anointed will walk in freedom, having no bonds or entanglements with the world. It will be a time when those devoted to Me and Me alone will rise above all of the restrictions and sin that have held My bride captive. Those that have chosen to scoff at the things that I hold dear will no longer be able to do so. They will see with their own eyes, a people that make My world come alive; living testimonies of the true gospel. Choices will need to be made by all people; either they will submit to the truth of My word and become part of My true church or they will deny Me in those that are before their very eyes.

When My anointing falls on My bride - those that have sold out to Me during this time of testing - there will be no doubt as to who belongs to Me. Purity, holiness, devotion, mercy, power: all of My fruits and gifts in fullness will be manifest in and through the humble, the meek, the lowly in spirit. My word will pierce the hungry soul as My people live and move and have their being in Me. I have told you of a salvation to be revealed in the last time. I have told you of a great harvest. Now I am about to equip those whom I can trust.

Be part of My bride. Give everything to Me. Devote yourself to My ways and My desires. Respond to this call, My beloved. Do not turn away and be left outside. I love you and would love for you to be equipped to help bring forth the harvest. Choose to be completely Mine now. The time is short.

My wrath is soon to break forth upon your land. There will be no place to hide for those who have not heard My call to holiness.

But fear not! Those who know Me, who have learned to be locked up with Me, will rise above the darkest places. I will have My bride. The world will see and notice the redemptive power of the cross. They will be astonished as I bring forth the beauty of life from the ashes. My word will go forth. My plans will be accomplished. My people will be vessels of honor to Me. Be of great courage. Be steadfast. Lock yourselves up with Me and live.

The lusts of the flesh and the pride of life allow the enemy to gain access to you. They make you vulnerable to attack by opening the door to any form of fear and oppression.

You must overcome them. There is hidden sin in your heart. Remove it by repenting of it to Me. Let the light of My Holy Spirit shine on it. Confess it as sin and turn from all entertainment of thoughts, sights or habits. Renew your mind daily with My word, My thoughts and My presence; and you will be set free. You turn away from sin and I will be there for you, but you must turn away. Each time a thought is noticeable, cast it down. Stop looking in the direction of sin. Stop holding it dear for it has no place in you. You are Mine and I want you spotless. I am jealous for that area of your heart.

Come to Me and be holy. In My holy fire, any presence of evil will be consumed. I am your safety, your strong tower, your haven. I am your consuming fire. I require you this day - return to your first love - your consuming love for Me, the desire for My word and the power that is Mine.

You know Me. Now begin to believe again. Flee from fear. It no longer has a hold on you. I have cut its cord, so turn from it. You are Mine and nothing will take you from Me. Be intense for My presence and My presence alone.

My children that thrive on and desire only intimacy with Me are about to be empowered with My presence. Those that have turned away from their useless flurry of activity to change the world are about to enter into a spiritual understanding that will allow them to again represent My Son, Jesus, to their world. People will recognize My Son through their lives. They will see Him and have to choose between life or death because of the convicting power of a holy surrendered vessel of honor that contains My Holy Spirit. Who can deny what has been done for all mankind when it becomes visible through the lowly, the weak, the surrendered, the children?

I will not use the dead, the empty and the proud. I never have and will not start now. White- washed containers full of dead men’s bones have no place in the economy of spiritual power. I have called you. Now I am about to empower those who have come.

Holy ground is important to Me. There is no way for the unclean to enter if I have girded My guardians around My places. However, My back must be turned and My guardians must create breaches when vice is invited into My holy places by My children. Violations of My word and the Spirit of My word, by relaxed attitudes and thoughtless conversation, bring forth harm and breach the safety of My protection. Guard your words, guard your relationships, guard your hearts so that I might maintain My presence in your midst.

Because you are My children, there is no place that you are not safe if I have called you there, for I am with you. No one can intrude upon a place I have established for you if My presence is hallowed and welcome. But be assured that I am calling you to be watchmen over your words and your actions that I might join you in all that you do, wherever you are, for your good and My glory.

I have called you to a holy place, a place that cannot be touched by those that would come against you. And still you take deep concern at the seeming power demonstrated by those that oppose My word. If you would only receive what I have for you. If you would only look to Me, know Me and listen to what I have said, and am saying; you would never fear again. How could you be afraid after you have seen Me? How could you be afraid once you have beheld My power? I have called you to an intimate relationship with Me so that you may know Me. But you do not come. I wait and you do not come. I prepare a feast and you eat from the streets. If only you could see. If only you would learn that I have not called you to a place of fear and need. I have called you to a holy place. A place filled with Me, where all your needs are met. A place that cannot be affected by the world around you.

Come. Come now and learn of Me.

Come to My holy place.

Jim Corbett
Community Services Network
P.O. Box 1116
Brookfield, WI 53008

Comments on A White Stone

by Neil Girrard

Jim Corbett’s A White Stone is a fictional but wonderful treatment of the end times. Corbett has indeed received great revelation and his writing style weaves those revelations into the lives of his characters in a very realistic and probable way. The book is well worth reading and will impart a greater understanding of how “real life” is likely to be during the end times.

The only flaw in the book is that the author still labors under a “church” paradigm. This is most evident when Train, the book’s main character, and the people he has led to the Lord begin to meet for church. Keep in mind that these characters are supposedly untainted by American “church” traditions, having come to know the Lord on the streets of an American city after Train has spent a year or so simply reading the Bible and listening to the Spirit of God. Corbett’s own “church” paradigm shows through when these supposedly pure babes in Christ pull together yet another “church.”

It is to be noted that the “church” these people start is much more spiritually oriented and much freer of man-made traditions than most denominational abominations today - but it is still a “church” with pews and other attendant “church” traditions. And even though I believe Corbett recognizes that something is wrong with “church” that centers around a building, I don’t believe he is yet able to fully envision what the ekklesia looks like when it meets completely unencumbered by the traditions of men. And it is also to be noticed that Corbett is writing about people who live in and around the streets of an American city, not about people who would necessarily have large homes that would accommodate the number of believers they were serving. And indeed, Corbett is envisioning something that is much closer to what Christ’s ekklesia looks like but it still contains a few telltale “church” leftovers.

But look for yourself at the passage where he describes what he believes “pure church” would look like. Corbett writes:

With nothing to hinder them and led only by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, “church” was a continuous praise, petition, repentance and prayer event. It did not start at a specific time nor did it end with formulated accuracy.

“Sunday Church,” an event that admittedly was a little more purposeful in attendance for the benefit of neighbors and newcomers, actually began when the first arrived and ended when the last person left. That was the best way of explaining it. As a matter of fact, a more concentrated mass of people began arriving around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night and most of the concentration of God’s children dispersed sometime late Sunday afternoon or early evening. The building was rarely empty and sometimes “more full” from Sunday to Sunday depending on the moving of the Spirit upon the hearts of obedient lovers of the Lord. During these times, those persons not led to stay and pray would make sure some food was always available so that those “in close with the Lord” could keep up their strength.

Church, in other words, had little to do with a building. The building may have been used to bring the real church together in one place, but that is where the identification ended. God’s people - wherein was tabernacled the Risen Christ - were the living, breathing, world-affecting organism called the Church. Always functioning, never sleeping, some portion of the Body of Jesus Christ was moving to affect someone who needed to hear and see and receive the Good News of salvation. This Sunday was no exception.

About thirty people - men, women and children, including Train who had decided to pray instead of going home - had been at church since about midnight. By 8:00 a.m., when Tom Bracken arrived, well over three hundred people were involved in various stages of praise and worship. Having no plan other than God’s plan, they moved in the Spirit and only in the Spirit throughout the “service.” An eight year old boy was closing his prophetic word as Tom found his place in the back corner of the vast room.

The church was a converted warehouse, and Tom was somewhat taken aback at the starkness and simplicity of the surroundings. There were no frills, no trappings that would indicate that this was a church. From the exposed rafters high above the bare concrete floor to the block walls with industrial windows vented at an angle for air movement, the building looked more ready for the beehive activity of a working shop than a place of worship. Plain, sturdy benches made from heavy lumber were in orderly position as furrow would be in a plowed field. Everything was scrupulously cleaned and maintained, however, and all was presented as a gift offering to God.

“It truly must be pleasing in His sight,” Tom thought as he sat on one of the benches polished from wear.

The first century ekklesia had no need of buildings. They had no benches or pews because they had no building in which they could put them. Their ceaseless activities were among one another and focused more on serving one another in real life situations more so than upon meeting in large groups. Where there began to be large scale meetings on a regular basis, there religion began to corrupt the pure worship and service to God.

I suspect that Corbett has been exposed to the notion and/or practice of “Open Church” as is practiced and promoted by Jim Rutz and others. It is indeed true that an open “church” is better than a closed “church” but it is still true that the “church” will keep someone from being the fullness of the ekklesia of Christ. Thus, if the Holy Spirit were to produce some pure expression of the body of Christ that was completely untainted by the traditions of men, it would look nothing like what Corbett has described.

But other than this relatively minor flaw - that Corbett has not fully envisioned what pure ekklesia would look like (and indeed, very few have) - his book is wonderful and will provide the reader with many challenges to preconceived notions about following God. The book is apparently self- published so you will probably need to write to the author to obtain a copy.

I’d love to hear comments and/or questions from you! Email me!

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