Ephesians 1:9

Greek/English Interlinear with Strong’s Numbers
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Ephesians 1 - Greek/English/Strong’s Interlinear

King James Version

Having made known unto us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He hath purposed in Himself:
New King James Version

having made know to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself,
New American Standard Bible

He made known (making known) to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him
New International Version

And He (or, from v. 8, With all wisdom and understanding He) made known to us the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure, which He purposed in Christ,
The Amplified Bible

Making known to us the mystery (secret) of His will (of His plan, of His purpose). [And it is this:] In accordance with His good pleasure (His merciful intention) which He had previously purposed and set forth in Him (Himself or Christ),
Wuest’s Expanded Translation

having made known to us the mystery of His will according to that which seemed good to Him, which good thing He purposed in Himself,
Phillips’ Modern English

For God has allowed us to know the secret of His plan, and it is this: He purposed long ago in His sovereign will
Williams’ Language of the People

He has made known to us the secret of His will, which is in accordance with His purpose which He planned in Christ,
KJV with Strong’s Numbers

Having made known 1107 unto us 2254 the 3588 mystery 3466 of His 848 will, 2307 according 2596 to His 848 good pleasure 2107 which 3739 He hath purposed 4388 in 1722 Himself: 848
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