Chapter 1

A Deeper Look at the Gospel

David L. Williams
from Opening Spiritual Eyes

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Jn. 3:16 π Rev. 19:7

The question is, ďAre we really ready for Jesus to come for us?Ē To answer that, letís consider a few more questions. If He has not yet come for His Bride, then is it possible She is not yet ready? Has She become without spot or wrinkle yet? Have we dismissed Jesusí words that He was coming after a clean Bride, and have we settled instead that we will not be cleansed until after He comes for us?

From early in Genesis through Revelation, we find a tremendous amount of information about deception from the devil, and that indicates importance of great magnitude. In order for deception to take root, the means must be very subtle to lure people into believing in error. It usually takes shock of some sort to expose such error so it can be examined properly. But the Bible, the Word of God, is a master at understating the facts, rather than shocking us, which means we must search it diligently in order to not be caught up in deception.

It is time for a new revelation from the Word to come on the scene, just before Jesus comes for His Bride. We can see through the Bible that the timings of revelations and events are within Godís power. So it stands to reason that this is the time for us to see deeper things in the Word than has been seen by our predecessors. This, in order for the Bride to prepare herself for the coming of the Groom.

The entire Bible is about the Bride. We are told in Genesis that man is made in the image of God. So this means that we have innate natures that mirror His likeness. We look at Adam and find him lonely for a mate in his likeness. So in this mirror image, we can see that even God is lonely, having no one in His likeness with whom to share love. He could create another angel for a bride, but this would not do, for this would be like making a robot programmed to love. The Bride must give her love out of love herself, willingly and in spite of the cost.

The usual argument against God being lonely is that if He is perfect, then He canít be lonely. Letís apply common sense to that. If God is Love, then He needs a place to put that Love, or else what is the use of having that Love? So perfect Love indeed requires a place to be placed. That is the purpose of all creation, to form a Bride so He can share that Love. We have made a mere clichť of becoming the Bride of Christ.

God was not made with hands, and He prefers a Bride also not made with hands. God spoke the raw materials into existence, but once that was done, it is up to the Bride to ďmakeĒ herself. This is the Christiansí sole purpose on this earth, to form ourselves into the Bride of Christ. Here, we become love, wisdom, and righteousness, the very likeness of God Himself. Or be instead deceived into remaining as we are, thinking we have attained His purpose already. (Note in Rev. 19:7; top that the Bride prepares herself.)

You may see then, that the Gospel goes far beyond John 3:16; top . It starts in Genesis and ends with Revelation. The whole Bible is about God finding an equally yoked Bride for Jesus. So we need to look at the entire Bible as context, rather than staying in tiny contexts. It is high time we understand Godís end purpose, and read the Bible with that in mind. It will change your idea of our purpose.

Spiritual warfare is the tool God has given us to form us into the prepared Bride. But the very nature of spiritual warfare, painful attacks from the enemy, causes us to do everything we can to avoid it and run for help. We will show how this is a proper response while we are yet babes in Christ, but how later we are to stay and fight in order to grow from glory to glory, until we become the prepared Bride.

We must see how we compare to the (7th and last) church of Laodacia, known for thinking it had all it needs, and needs no more. This, the church that Jesus said He would spew out of His mouth. We must examine the reasons we have come to think that all is well between us and God, to see if we have mistaken His mercy on us as if it is His approval of our present state; to see if we have been deceived into thinking His mercy is His blessing. There are many levels of blessing. Even mercy is a blessing.

We must have a fresh revelation from the Word that has not been seen by our forefathers. It is there for those who will seek it. John the Baptist saw revelation in the Word not specifically spelled out. So did Jesus. For example, Jesus chided Nicodemus for not knowing one must be born again. And He told some that having lust in the heart was the same sin as the act of adultery. Neither of those was even mentioned in the Old Testament, but people were expected to see it anyway. This shows that there is much revelation in the Bible that is not specifically spelled out. Consider that Daniel was to conceal things the angel had revealed to him until the time they were needed.

In this writing, we will examine many things that will seem controversial to present beliefs. I can only hope you will stand to the side and be objective rather than prejudiced, so logic can be seen. After all, the Word is filled with logic just waiting to be seen. Staying only in context as we read the Word keeps us from seeing revelation and causes us to turn to the Law, instead. Just as what happened with the Pharisees.

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