4. Our Souls

Opening Spiritual Eyes
David Williams

Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God cannot be seen with eyes. Yet He demonstrated the importance of knowing what the Father was doing, so we could know the Fatherís will for us in our seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Our souls are made of three individual parts. Those are our intelligence, our emotions, and our will. Every decision we make comes from putting our intelligence and emotions together, then using our will to act on the information.

But there is another ingredient, somehow connected to our soul but not part of it, that is designed to go beyond our knowledge and emotions to make even better decisions. That is our spirit. Our spirit has the ability to make sense of our situations. It uses past experiences to give logic to possible outcomes of our decisions. But it goes beyond that, also having intuition of possibilities not influenced either by our apparent knowledge or emotions.

In other words, our spirit is capable of forming wisdom in order to make proper decisions in each situation. Unfortunately, each of us has seen we do not always make wise decisions. And this is the subject we need to come to understand in order to see how the Bride is missing the mark in becoming what She is designed to be, like Jesus.

You may see here that as children, we learn to let our emotions become our guide in each situation, always trying to make ourselves feel better in the moment. In this, we relegated our spirits into a small corner to seldom bring forth wisdom, instead allowing our emotions to rule our lives. This becomes our normal and accepted method of getting through life as comfortably as we can. And we do not even know we have chosen the wrong decision-maker, our emotions, to guide us. It all comes about naturally, and is likely never given a thought even once in a lifetime.

Have you ever stopped to think about it? I mean, emotions accompany every detail of our life, second by second. They guide us through each moment, causing us to turn one way or another in each situation. Without pointed notice, we assume they are a natural part of our life and we react without giving their roots one thought. But emotions have improperly become the most important thing in our lives, when it comes down to it. I suggest you stop and deeply consider this subject, probably for the first time in your life. We know we have feelings, but we need to know more about where those feelings come from, beyond merely knowing that we have them.

Emotions are good in themselves. For example, one soon learns the fear emotion to not touch something hot, in order to not be burned. And how empty life would be if we did not have the emotional feelings of romance love, both in giving and receiving it. But if emotions are not held in check by our sleeping spirit, they can rule us without wisdom. And you may see here that this is the very beginning in each of our lives, of the devil putting deception in us while we are yet little children. He does not want us making wise decisions, but instead to make emotional ones and meanwhile to accept that as normal and proper. We need to see how our spirits are taken out of our decision-making process, and how that makes it easy for us to be deceived.

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