20. Keys to the Kingdom

Opening Spiritual Eyes
David Williams

If you decide to go into your invisible inner kingdom, you will need keys to get in. Jesus told His Disciples that He had given them the keys to the Kingdom. Have you ever wondered what, specifically, these keys were? We can look at each time Jesus described the Kingdom and see that He used parables to explain it, since it cannot be seen with eyes. The keys to the Kingdom are using visible parables in order to understand what is going on in the invisible. The visible speaks of the invisible, if we will but see it. Your life circumstances will show you what is going on in the invisible Kingdom.

Let’s give an example of Jesus’ thinking in parables, watching what was going on around Him to see the Father’s hand. He and His mother were at a wedding, and the groom was about to be shamed by running out of wine for the guests. His mother prompted Him to help them out. He first told her it was not yet His time. But soon after we see He changed His mind and did His first recorded miracle. What changed His mind? He noted the persistence of His mother. He saw the parallel with the wine, to the new wine of the Holy Spirit He was to introduce to the people. He also saw a parable in the new wine and how it would defeat shame.

Using situation examples as parables, one must come to see that the reason that God allows, even sends attacks from the enemy upon us, is to reveal our high places of worshiping the enemy. And see that like those before us, we have not torn down any high places, either. I will give examples later to show how to see parables in all our life situations, so we can “see” what God is doing in our life on the Hard Path.

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