26. God’s Omniscience

Opening Spiritual Eyes
David Williams
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Prov. 3:18

Again, here we find a case against reading the Bible in small contexts. We miss important connections of passages, and don’t see the big picture. Let’s zoom in on an instance of this and see how it changes what we think about God, our Creator. If what I write here brings revelation to you, it will quickly dismiss the warm fuzzies you came to love, and will bring a more sober knowledgeable attitude.

If you consider that God is omniscient, knowing the beginning and the end and all in between, then He knew even before He said, “Let there be…….,” that Lucifer would fall and become Satan. He knew that the first human race would be fallen, and become hidden enemies of the Adamic race, His chosen one. He knew we would become evil, ourselves. So, why then did He go ahead with such a plan? We may not like the answer, but it was for His good purpose in the end.

If the Bride is to sit on the throne alongside Jesus, She must have wisdom with which to rule. She must have the ability to make wise decisions herself, rather than lean over and ask Jesus what to do to properly reign. The only way She could ever get that wisdom was to experience evil Herself, and overcome it Herself. Only then would She be fit to reign properly. Remember how little we heard about the Tree of Life in the Garden? One might want to consider Prov. 3:18 (top) , where we are told that wisdom is the tree of life. And while there, see the surrounding context where the writer keeps talking about wisdom as being a “She.” The Bride?

I suspect that The Tree of Life would have been a shortcut to wisdom. More like receiving it as a gift. If so and had Adam and Eve eaten of it, their wisdom would have been programmed into them, making them like the angels, rather than like Jesus.

Let’s do some firming up on this by going back to their fall. The tree they were tempted to eat of was known for being good for wisdom. And Satan unknowingly told a truth when he said it would make Eve like God. He didn’t know he was sealing his own doom in tempting her. Now, let’s look farther in that part of the Bible:

Here we must understand that God, in His three Trinity parts, speaks to Himself in the plural, “Us.” There, God says that Adam and Eve are now like “Us,” knowing good and evil. Of course, this was only the beginning of this knowledge, but God speaks of things not yet, as if they were already finished. They had the seed of evil within them, and it would grow to fruition.

We may not like to know that everything in everyone’s life has been predestined, even our choices. But don’t stop with just knowing that. Add the logic to it that if you make different choices now, then that will also have been predestined. None will have an argument at judgment when their life passes before their eyes, and they see they had choices.

So how else was God going to have a Bride with whom to share Love, other than to set this plan in motion? We may not like to think about how unfair this is, our having to go through so much pain here on earth for that purpose. And we may not like that many people we love may end up in hell, as a result of His plan. But God is God, and He can choose to do His will whether we like it or not.

Further, we may have known about the plan before we were born and may have agreed to come to earth to suffer with such a great reward available. When God said He knew us before we were born, He may have been telling us that, rather than that He knew “about” us before we were born. Don’t forget, preincarnate Jesus came upon the earth several times, long before He was birthed from Mary. We also may have been preincarnate and don’t remember it. These mysteries are still a mystery to me, and I can accept that. I am certain that when we get to Heaven, we will be satisfied with the answers then.

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