27. Now You Know

Opening Spiritual Eyes
David Williams

You have been given enough information in this book to see it is truth, even if it is not what churches teach. You are now informed of how to take your first step. You have also been given vague information on how to walk the Path, where you will have to walk your own unique walk. If you have read through this book, your spiritual eyes have been opened, at least a crack.

You may even have had some revelation take place as you read this writing. But for the most part, it is merely head knowledge. It will not change you, with just the knowing of it. To make it real within you, you will have to take your own walk on the Hard Path. What I have told you can only be used as parables, to help confirm what you learn on your own walk on the Path.

Many who have read my writings tell me they have already been through that. But they havenít. They went through early trials and solved them with the Law, rather than the Way. I can easily see they have not come fully into the Rest. If they had, their feelings could no longer be hurt. They would no longer have to justify their anger. They would no longer have fears. They would no longer worry about anything.

When I share these truths about the Narrow Path, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am excited that someone might take their own walk on the Path, while at the same time, I feel sorry for the pain they will go through. On the other hand, I know that if their eyes are opened and still they refuse to take the Path, then they will be held accountable at the Judgment. I know that if I do not present what I have been called to do, to my best effort, then the blood of many will be on my hands.

God is about to do new things regarding the Church in fulfilling many prophesies, some of which are well hidden in the Word still to be searched out. Wise decisions must be made when He sakes the very foundations of the Church, more than it has ever been shaken before. God has a remnant set aside, hidden from the churches. These are relatively unknown people in whom He is forming the Elijah spirit. They will soon be called forth to bring down the idol worship in churches. This will separate the sheep and the goats.

Iíll see you later at the end of our walk, when the Spirit and the Bride say, ďCome!Ē

Godís Omniscience
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