Distant Lands

Neil Girrard

The Lord may call you to distant lands,
With pounding surf and warm, soft sands,
Or to a cold and distant land,
To wash many feet and hold many a hand.
But rush not to be where demons lair
And sin brings only death and despair.
Hurry not through these your childhood years;
But wait on Him to dry their tears.
You are only a baby to be diapered and fed,
Still a child needing put to bed.
Hurry not to take up sword and shield
When He first would hold you close and see you healed.
Your gifts are beautiful to behold
And reveal your servant soul.
But you are still a child in His realm:
Enjoy these days and let Him you overwhelm.
Take the time to be a child,
For maturing in Him takes a very long while.
Leave your life at His feet
And let only Him say when to hit the street.
Give what you can as He has required;
But take the time to just be His child.

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