Prophetic Words Given to Jim Casey

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Psa. 40:10 π Mt. 3:17 π Mt. 7:6 π Mt. 17:5 π Acts 17:11 π Acts 19:2 π Acts 20:20 π Acts 20:27 π Eph. 4:11 π 1 Ths. 5:19-21 π Jas. 1:22 π 1 Pet. 2:5

Foreword by Neil Girrard

Large portions of the Body of Christ suffer from a famine of true prophetic messages. Part of this is because false teachers and false shepherds have attempted to exclude even the possibility of God speaking to His people through anyone but themselves. Some of it is simply due to ignorance on the part of the people of God. Thus many people don’t know how to evaluate, acknowledge or receive a true prophetic “word.”

Let me warn you: The following are pearls. If you’re a pig - that is, if you’re a derisive skeptic who has no regard for God’s truth - don’t touch them. ( Mt. 7:6; top ) It will be to your own detriment and judgment.

Paul wrote, “Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good.” ( 1 Ths. 5:19-21; top )

These prophetic words which follow have been confirmed to many of us here locally as authentic words given by the Lord through Jim Casey. Though some words apply specifically to the individuals for whom they were originally given, most if not all, have great application to our own lives and to the people of Christ at large.

Your responsibility to these words is to be a noble Berean ( Acts 17:11; top ), searching the Scriptures to see if these things are so.

I have prefaced these words with such a stern warning because so many in the body of Christ will see the word “prophecy” or think of a “prophet” and immediately assume “cult” or “whacko.” Those who do this are often guilty of despising prophecy. Many are trained to do this by “pastors” who reject what the prophets are saying because it upsets their business and their comfortable status quo.

Until Jesus is given His right as our King to upset our business and our comfortable status quo so that He might use us to establish His kingdom in our lives, we have no right to expect anything from Him at all - neither abundant life now nor eternal life in the future. Until Jesus is our Lord and Master, we have no right to think of Him as our Savior.

So the following are presented for your edification - the process of making you a stronger believer who is more obedient to Christ in all things. Indeed, I - as would Jim himself - heartily encourage you to test these words against the Scriptures. But once you’ve found them to be true, do yourself a favor - obey the instructions of the Lord that He reveals to you through these words and your testing of them through His word. Don’t ignore His commands and pretend that you’re ignorant of His will for your life.

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” ( Jas. 1:22; top )

Words of ProphecyGiven to Jim Casey

July 94

A time to be patient with My Body even as I have with you. There is a difference between patience and slackness. Do not confuse them. As you hear and speak, let it go. If your words were My words, I will see to it that they are performed. The seed needs time to die in the earth before the life comes forth. Be very sensitive to My Spirit, lest you disturb that which I have started to bring unto life.

8 Aug. 94

What will it take to cause you to intercede for My Body? I do not expect many to do so. I am not concerned with large numbers. I am concerned with men who have a heart like unto my heart. Men like David. Men who have a passion for My Body. I am not talking about bringing in to the Body new souls, but the maturing of those already in My Body. My desire is to prepare My Body to receive those whom I shall save. I do not want to bring babes into a Body that is out of order and have a larger Body that is out of order.

I have said that if any two of you on earth shall agree on a thing that it shall be done. My Holy Spirit is going through My Body to bring together men who agree with Me and know My heart and desire in this area. Seek one another out as you catch My vision and pray, repent, seek My face, turn from your own ways to My ways and I will amaze you with what I will do in the lives of those in My Body.

Many have been walking in circles not knowing which way to go. I say stand still, I am the Way. Be quiet so that you can hear Me. Cease from your busy-ness and I will lead you. Submit to the yoke I have placed upon you. It is lighter than the one you have been carrying. Hear Me with a heart to obey and I will establish you and make you what you ought to be.

Until you KNOW My Body, you will not be able to truly intercede for it. When I say KNOW, I am referring to intimacy, koinonia, as a family, loving one another not with a human love, but with a love for one another that I will give you. But you must want this love which is a fearful thing. It will require you to be known as well as to know others. This can not be accomplished in the natural; do not attempt it.

15 Aug. 94

Psa. 40:10 ; Acts 20:20 , 27 (top) - MY Church has concealed MY righteousness within her heart and also MY faithfulness and salvation; She has hid away My steadfast love and My Truth from the great assembly. And I am not pleased with her leaders.

Paul said, “I did not shrink from telling you anything that was for your benefit and teaching, nor did I shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose, plan and counsel of God.”

I expect no less from My leaders today. Do not recieve this word lightly for judgment has begun in My Church and will continue until I return. Those who refuse to be conformed into the vessel I have chosen them to be shall be discarded, set aside and I will form another to take his place. Each living stone has a specific shape and size in the building I am preparing and the plan will not be changed. Submission will bring forth abundant life, resistance will bring forth sorrow and disobedience, death. The Kingdom of God is that place where My will is performed without resistance.

Meeting together to seek My direction is good but performing that direction is excellent and I am a God of excellence.

23 Aug. 94

Elders’ Meeting: Heresy is not so much addition but rather omission. You hold back and do not speak the hard sayings in an effort to maintain your relationships with those I have directed you to speak to.

I tell you, those relationships are worthless as a result of your silence and they will be proved to be so if you continue to refuse to speak to them as I direct you. Speak as I have spoken to you and do not fear what the results may be. If you refuse to speak, you should be fearful.

Your time of being a child has come to an end. When I speak it is not a suggestion or a recommendation, but a command. As with My written Word, you can accept it or reject it, but you dare not change it.

13 Sept. 94

I hate gray, says the Lord. I am a God of contrast. I desire black or white. I am a God of purity, not mixture.

I am going to pour blackness into the world and as I do I will increase the intensity of My light in My people, causing a definite dividing line between the darkness and light and do away with the gray which is a mixture of black and white.

This mixture is the same as the lukewarm to Me and I have long ago spoken to this

There can be no fellowship between light and darkness. To receive more of My light you must forsake all darkness. Do not hear this word casually. My Word is not for consideration but for obedience which will produce maturity. It is for the mature that I will come at the time of harvest. I do not harvest seeds or sprouts but a fully ripe plant.

21 Nov. 94

Be careful, says the Lord of hosts. Be careful that you do not allow pride and ego to creep in as I begin to move in your midst in different ways. For you are not the only ones upon whom I am moving at this present time. Be aware that I move on some in one way and others in another way for I have different purposes to be accomplished through various segments of My Body. Be careful that a spirit of exclusiveness does not take over. Humble yourselves before Me and be concerned about what I have called you to do and let Me be concerned for the others. Not all members of your body have the same functions and neither do mine.

29 Nov. 94

Go forth and till the soil around My plants. Loosen it and fertilize it. For I am a God of fruitfulness, lasting fruit. My plants are My born-again people who have been left to their own and are stunted. The soil is the hardness of the world system which has settled and hardened about the roots where life comes from. The fertilizer is My Word, rightly divided and distributed to them. And you shall water them with Holy Spirit anointed praise and worship, with thanksgiving. Then shall My people come forth in power and be My witnesses throughout this city. Seek and find also My other shepherds and tell them what I have told you.

For I told you to make disciples and this cannot be done by preaching from the pulpit only.

13 Dec. 94

1 Pet. 2:5 (top) - My Word says, “ living stones be yourselves built into a spiritual house, a holy dedicated priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable and pleasing to God through Jesus Christ.”

The living stones of My house can not be merely laid upon one another or put together in haphazard manner. Each one has a specific shape and size determined by Me. Because these stones are still rough, not yet perfected, they shall be surrounded by My Holy Spirit which shall serve two purposes:

The Holy Spirit will act as a cushion between the stones so that the sharp edges do not irritate the other stones adjacent to them. The Holy Spirit will fill in all the voids and air spaces thus making the walls stronger.

The Holy Spirit shall also be the glue or cement that holds My building together, the Spirit of unity. The only unity that I recognize is the unity produced by and through the Holy Spirit. Every other form of unity will be shaken and will be destroyed. Be careful therefore that your unions with others be true Spiritual unions and not based on psychological or theological agreements.
Only as My house becomes a Spiritual house can it offer up to Me Spiritual sacrifices that are pleasing and acceptable to Me.

13 Jan. 95

A Prayer: O God, I know You only in my mind. My spirit’s knowledge of You is overshadowed by my mind’s understanding, and that knowing of You has sustained me for 23 years. But it is no longer sufficient for where You want me to go. I want to know You as Paul said, but I don’t want to know You as Paul did, but as You want me to know You. I don’t want to be like anyone else. I want only to be the me You chose me to be, before the foundation of the earth.

In my spirit, O God, I prostrate myself before You and wait for Your Spirit to speak to me and guide me. My desire is to not speak or act apart from Your command. Help me, O God, to see You as You are, and not as I have perceived You to be in my mind. I have spoken and acted in zeal without knowledge. Help me, O Lord, to stop that for it can only bring death to me and those who hear.

24 Jan. 95

The existence of a covenant will not be apparent until such time as it is tested. My covenant with you has been tested by each one of you numerous times and I have always been faithful to fulfill it. As My Spirit is allowed to control your thoughts, words and actions, the everlasting covenant I have made with you will manifest itself in and through you between one another.

Do not be concerned about it. Continue to seek My face and desire to know Me in reality.

Do not try to make covenants with one another for the covenants are already present and will be apparent as your relationships are tested in various ways.

God made a covenant with Himself and we are the beneficiaries of that covenant.

We owe each other love.

15 May 95

Acts 19:2 ; Mt. 3:17 ; 17:5 ; Eph. 4:11; top - My people are dulled of mind and spirit. They are unable to hear the Holy Spirit when He speaks to them. Many are like the disciples who, when asked, “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you have believed?” and they answered, “We didn’t know there was a Holy Spirit.” Much of the Church is at that place in these last days.

Many have been told by both men and demons speaking through men that nothing is required but to say a “salvation prayer.”

Many have said they have accepted Jesus as Savior. But He is also Sovereign Lord and you can not have only a part of God. He will not be separated.

On the day of My baptism, My Father said, “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” But on the mount when I met with Moses and Elijah, He said, “This is My beloved Son, listen to Him” but you have not.
Many of you talk and act the same to your families as you did before being born again and think it is alright to do so. It is not. You speak to others one way but when you are alone in your own families you do not follow the advice you give to others. You are no different than the Pharisees were.

Many of you are deceived and think that your hypocrisy is acceptable. But I say to you, “Why do you call Me Lord, and you do not obey Me?” You tell others to do what you WILL not do yourselves. Not what you can not do, but what you will not do.

You have troubles and cry out for others to pray for you. What is required is that you obey what I have already told you to do. Prayer will not help. Doing what I have told you to do is the only help you will get. Do not ask Me for new revelation when you have not obeyed what you have already received.

I am calling forth a people who will obey Me, a remnant of what exists today and calls itself My Church.

Listen to My prophets and apostles for they will show you the way to go and maintain order. The shepherds and teachers will show you how to do the work of the church. The evangelists will teach some of you to evangelize and bring others into the flock and you who have been taught will teach them.

I am preparing My Church for an influx of people that it is not capable of receiving now. I’m looking for a people who will obey Me. You will not obey Me if you do not know Me. Pray for a new infilling of the Holy Spirit, for apart from Him you will accomplish nothing. Repent while there is yet time, for this is not a time for contemplation, but a time for action. Today, obey and enter - enter into My rest.

12 Apr. 95

Many of My people have been disillusioned about what being a Christian means. But you must realize that you can only be dis-illusioned if you had an illusion to begin with. I want you to understand that many of your concepts of Christianity have come through traditions and the teachings of men and from the desires of your own heart. For man does not desire to submit his life to Me. I am a Savior but I am also Sovereign Lord and I can not be divided any more than My body can be divided. When you received My Holy Spirit, you received the ability to not be disillusioned or deceived. To allow yourself to be deceived is a sin. When you depend on anyone or anything other than My Spirit you will be deceived.

Give yourselves therefore wholly to My Spirit as a living sacrifice and know My will and accomplish it in My power and authority.

17 Apr. 95

It may not be apparent to many of My people, but I am causing many in My Church to go back to the basics so to speak and find out what they do believe. Some for many years have gone along with “the program” not bothering to discern by My Spirit whether it be of me or not.

I am causing many to question what they have said they believe. This is true especially of the leadership. Some chose to be leaders but were not chosen by Me to be leaders. Some call themselves pastors but I have gifted them to be apostles, prophets, evangelists or teachers. They have been told they are pastors because they have graduated with a diploma saying that they are. Many have struggled for years trying to be something that I have not called them to be.

If they will submit to My Spirit, I will show them what My plan for them is, and if not, they will gradually fade away from the ministry. It will be a difficult thing for them to admit to themselves and their congregations that they are not gifted and called to be pastors or shepherds. For some it will not be possible, because of ego, to make this admission and move on to a different ministry.

I will raise up shepherds to replace them and many will reject them and look for others, but I will have a remnant Church that will be equipped through the fivefold ministry. Do not go by what you see with your natural eye for you will not see My work except by My Spirit. Be not dismayed, I will build My Church as My Word says.

6 May, 95

I will send you forth to seek out My Body. Do not go until My Spirit tells you to go.

Not all that calls itself My Body is My Body. I will separate what is true from that which is false. My Body is weak now because it is diluted with unbelief and is polluted by doctrines of men and of demons.

In the days to come I will make very apparent to you those with whom you are to associate. These will be ones who have not hardened their hearts toward My Holy Spirit and His leading. For many do not want to be bound by My yoke even though it is much lighter than the one they are now under. They are unwilling to give up the control of their lives to Me. They are unwilling to suffer for the sake of My Kingdom.

Until My people and particularly My leaders recognize that in their own strength and wisdom they are bankrupt and powerless to bring about righteousness, to that end they shall wither away and become as dead men.

20 Aug. 95

Much of My Church is like homogenized milk though once it was not so. At one time it could be shaken together with the world and when the shaking stopped, the cream, which is My Church, would always rise to the surface. But man has learned to mix the cream so that it will no longer separate. But I have given you the ability to separate yourselves and command you to separate yourselves from the world and worldly ways and become salt and light. Go ye into the world and be who I have called you to be.

21 Sept. 95

Given at Albq. Pastors’ meeting: You are so busy! You are so busy! But what have you accomplished by your busy-ness? Have you yet brought My body to the place where they are doing the work of the Church? If not, then what have you accomplished? Did I not give to the Church a fivefold ministry for the equipping of the saints? Is it functioning in the body? If not, why not?

Go back to My Word. Through prayer call upon the Holy Spirit for wisdom and leadership. Be willing to set aside anything He tells you to that you may do His will and bring My Church into maturity, that it may receive the influx of people that I have prepared for it. It cannot receive them now. My Church is now like a mule, a hybrid which cannot reproduce. I am ready to purge and purify those segments that will receive the purging. Are you willing?

Much of your busy-ness has been to pacify the people rather than to obey Me. Now is the time to change for I have provided a new measure of My grace and mercy to do so.

Given 21, March, 96

Albuquerque pastors: Often times you pray for My blessings on this city and My church. But I will bless only that which is in accordance with My will. You pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” but you fail to seek out My will for either this city or My church. You decide for yourselves what you want to happen and ask for My blessing on it but I will not bless it.

Times will get worse, both in this city and My church, before My people come to the end of themselves and turn to Me in desperation putting all else aside and seeking My will and praying in My will and then you will see great change.

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