7. One Liners

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer

We cannot have the best of both worlds.

We are incapable of being totally led by the Spirit as long as self remains.

God is rejecting works that have been built on the foundation of Jesus and a part of our own ideas.

We are to be public manifestations of Jesus.

The “self” in us fights the spirit in us.

Self improvement is an impossibility.

A vessel is a dead thing. I can do nothing but contain.

The true test of our Christian walk is our surrender to the cross.

Salvation is free, but it will cost you everything.

Sin is not measured by a creed but by a person.

Your Charismatic traditions have made the Word of God of none effect.

We will not be judged by our success but by our sacrifice.

“Self” is ruling in Christian circles today.

In sickness God is often nearer to us than in health.

The wrath of God is the terrible reverse of His unfathomable love.

Our Lord’s teaching has no power in it unless we possess His nature.

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The End Time Men

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