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These are the sitekeeper’s picks for the best or most important writings on the site. All articles are formatted as simply as possible and should print directly from your web browser.

If you have any suggestions or nominations for articles or book chapters or series installments for this list, please email me below.

  1. Guided Into All Truth - Neil Girrard Some teachers like to point out that isolated phrases and sentences from the Scriptures put together at a teacher’s whim can be made to prove almost anything but few seem to recognize the double standard this really is.

  2. Through the Looking Glass - Neil Girrard If one looks into either end of binoculars or a telescope, a “looking glass,” one can see many things about the kingdom and the “church.” A surprisingly deep parable. - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  3. Furthering the Kingdom - Neil Girrard Practical steps toward seeing the kingdom of God established among us. - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  4. The Right and Only Way - Neil Girrard Is there such a thing as the right and only way – what is it? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  5. Spectrums: “Church” or Ekklesia - Neil Girrard Any individual, whether the worst kind of evil villain or the best kind of saint or hero, is a combination of both good and bad characteristics – so why are led to believe that an assembly, which is made up of many individuals, must be either merely “good” or “bad” and not some mixture of both? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  6. Spiritual But Not Religious - Neil Girrard SBNR is a popular label among “emergent” generations. What does this label really mean? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  7. Fables - Neil Girrard Paul warned us that the time would come when believers would be turned aside to fables. What did he have in mind? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  8. Presenting the King - Neil Girrard Do you know what it means to have a King? Many people don’t.

  9. Opening Spiritual Ears - Neil Girrard The ear that hears what God is saying is one of the most important things that accompany salvation. So why is this truth so often explained away or ridiculed? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  10. Minute Minority; The End Time Men - W.W. Fischer

  11. Many Deceptions and The Lie - Neil Girrard How do we reconcile the difference between the many New Testament prophecies that speak of a plurality, even a multiplicity, of deceptions with Paul’s reference to a single lie that carries severe, eternal consequences for those who come under its power? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  12. The Inerrant Word of God - Neil Girrard Paul’s prophecy that many will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables fulfilled in mainstream “Christianity” on such a widespread scale that it is all but impossible to conclude that this is the time of the apostasy. - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  13. The Two Step Gospel - Neil Girrard Jesus’ picture of the wide and narrow gates and paths provides us with insight into what is perhaps the devil’s most pernicious deception, a deception which comes directly from the doctrines of eternal salvation. - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  14. No Good Thing - Neil Girrard It is a great day in the Lord when we finally learn there is no good thing in our flesh – but what will it take for us to learn that there is no good thing in the “church”? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  15. The Eternal Gospel - Neil Girrard Sometimes when we read the book of Revelation we can easily miss some detail or fail to grasp the profound significance of some sparsely described event – even about something as important as the eternal gospel of Christ. - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  16. How Do We Know? Bible Bullet: John 16:13 - Neil Girrard Is it even possible to know truth? How will we know if what we know is truth and not just opinions?

  17. Four Kinds of Enemies; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard

  18. Inevitable Conclusions - Neil Girrard

  19. Unanimity - Neil Girrard God has been waiting for and working His people toward finally being content to sit back and stop trying to build anything for God.

  20. Follow or Duplicate? - Neil Girrard Jesus and Paul both said “Follow me…” Didn’t they? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  21. 1. The Importance of Brokenness; The Release of the Spirit - Watchman Nee
    An important milestone in any believer’s life who wants to walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh.

  22. Dual Streams of Power; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis

  23. Pastor, Bishop or Nicolaitan Overlord? - Neil Girrard

  24. God In Our Own Likeness - Neil Girrard

  25. A Defeated Devil - Neil Girrard Many who claim to follow Christ hold to the idea of a defeated devil, ridiculing his schemes and devices as just the foolish floppings of a “toothless old tiger” too stupid and inept to be of any harm or threat to their eternal security in Christ. But is this an accurate portrayal?

  26. Carnal Followers and Lawless “Theologians” - Neil Girrard If we are to come out of lawless churchianity, we must first recognize the hidden sin of the leaders and spiritual fathers who contributed to the making of it.

  27. The Call for Unity - Neil Girrard The call for unity that is sounding forth from so many among professed followers of Christ today is genuine – but it is dangerous. - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  28. Ephesians: Paul’s Time Capsule - Neil Girrard Some Bible scholars insist that Ephesians is merely a general letter for all believers - others question the authenticity of Paul’s authorship because Paul’s usual inclusion of eschatology (the study of prophesied end-times events) is absent. What is the real story and why is it so vitally important for us to understand Paul’s intent today? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  29. On the Basis of Scripture - Neil Girrard

  30. Too Deeply - Neil Girrard Many Christian leaders today act as if exhortation is offensive and that the philosophy of offending anyone does not come from the Bible. - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  31. Where Do You Go To Church? - Neil Girrard
    This seemingly innocent question covers a whole lot of territory.

  32. The Bread of Life - Neil Girrard
    Jesus said He was the bread of life. What did He mean by that?

  33. A Prayer Request - Neil Girrard The deepest desire of our heart is for the return of Christ. Isn’t it? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  34. Saints or Sinners - Neil Girrard What is an individual after a genuine conversion? Why does it matter? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  35. Same Old Story: Montanus vs. Ignatius of Antioch - Neil Girrard

  36. Tolerance or Unity; Lords of Darkness - Neil Girrard

  37. Topical Index of War On the Saints by Jesse Penn-Lewis. This list of - and links to - the topics covered in her well-researched, Scripturally based and referenced (also with links), excellent “textbook” on demonics should enlighten anyone who thinks they may be encountering deceptive demonic, spiritual warfare (which would include everyone who desires and intends to walk holy and blameless after the Lord Jesus Christ!)

  38. The Satanic Forces Described in Ephesians 6; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis
    This description of Satan’s forces gives us great insight into the strategies and wiles of the devil and demonic.

  39. The Need for Examination of Theories; War On the Saints - Jesse Penn-Lewis

  40. The Importance of Christ - Neil Girrard
    Christ is the King, the Absolute Monarch, over those who claim to be His – so why isn’t He obeyed?

  41. The Kingdom Is the Key - Neil Girrard An accurate understanding of the kingdom of God is the key to understanding the collection of writings we commonly call the New Testament. - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

  42. Walking With God; Through the Fire - David L. Williams Also available as a downloadable Word file which the author requests that you forward by email to anyone the Lord would have you do so. Walking With God; Through the Fire (Downloadable version)

  43. The Keys of the Kingdom - Neil Girrard With knowledge of the keys to the kingdom of God, one must certainly possess eternal life – right? - ( in Adobe/pdf format )

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God bless you.

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