9. God’s Men

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Psa. 17:15 π Psa. 63:8 π Psa. 84:2 π Psa. 85:9 π Psa. 90:17 π Psa. 102:23 π Psa. 119:131 π Psa. 147:11 π Eccl. 12:13 π Jer. 29:13

God is looking for men searching for Him, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” ( Jer. 29:13; top ) Jesus fulfilled this to perfection. Jesus was intent on one point: the will of His Father in every detail of His life. Jesus’ life is the normal standard for each of us.

David was one of “God’s men.” He refused to miss God, he refused to be shaken off, he backed away from seeking acclaim, prosperity or even doctrines. He wanted to be the man after God’s heart by being a replica of purity and love straight from the hand of the Father: a true, living, identical in spiritual character as God Himself. This meant all his plans of serving God were set aside. He didn’t care about his role, even if it meant being a doorman in the house of the Lord. He was consumed with passion – not for souls, but for God Himself.

He longed for God’s commandments so he could obey them. He confessed his lack of abilities, courage, and strength and said, “He (God) weakened my strength in the way,” ( Psa. 102:23; top ), so he could meditate and rejoice in God’s strength and greatness. He recounted the number of his enemies and cried from the depths of his being and was delivered by the precious mercy of the Lord, which he wanted to talk about all day long.

He said, “my soul follows hard after You,” ( Psa. 63:8 ) “My heart and flesh cries out for the living God.” ( Psa. 84:2 ) He talked about the terror of God’s judgment but also the reverse side of this, the tenderness of His unfathomable forgiveness and love. He wasn’t seeking for more faith, because he knew that faith as the whole man rightly and righteously related to God. He knew that the path of seeking to live in God’s presence was costly, but in that presence was fullness of joy, and pleasures forevermore. He knew there was a difference between God’s acts and God’s ways: “I opened my mouth and panted, for I longed for Your commandments.” ( Psa. 119:131; top )

He asked the Lord to unite his heart to fear His name because “the Lord takes pleasure in them that fear Him.” ( Psa. 147:11 ) and “that fearing God and keeping His commandments is the whole duty of man,” (see Eccl. 12:13 ) then “the Lord’s salvation is near them that fear Him.” ( Psa. 85:9 ) David’s desire was “that the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us” ( Psa. 90:17 ) and “I will behold Your face in righteousness and I shall be satisfied when I awake with Your likeness.” ( Psa. 17:15; top )

David was one of God’s men because he wanted “God to be all in all” so that everything that had breath would praise, worship and extol the majesty of the Lord.

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The End Time Men

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