13. King Hezekiah’s Prayer

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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2 Ki. 19:35 π 2 Ki. 20:1 π 2 Ki. 20:19

The Lord answered Hezekiah’s prayer for Jerusalem’s protection from the Assyrians, who threatened the annihilation of the Israelites; the Lord through Isaiah promised the defense of the city and the destruction of the enemies of Jerusalem.

“…For that night the Angel of the Lord went forth and slew 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians…” ( 2 Ki. 19:35; top ) and their king was slain, and the remaining Assyrians departed.

We are about to learn one of the most profound truths in all scripture, and to see the devastating results of a Godly king not obeying the will of God.

In contemporary Christianity it is fashionable to use one’s own authority to proclaim victory over every obstacle and the destruction of every enemy.

However, we continually fail to see that the real enemy may be our own stubborn self-will, evident even in Christian leaders.

In the very next chapter ( 2 Ki. 20:1; top ), King Hezekiah becomes very sick and is told by the Lord to “…set your house in order, for you shall die, you shall not recover.”

Hezekiah refuses this word from the Lord and pleads his case and asks to be restored; the Lord sees his tears and heals Hezekiah and gives him another 15 years to live.

Hezekiah’s vanity and pride has surfaced as he refuses the Lord’s plan for the termination of his life. He in essence is saying, “I want to life so that I and my sons can accomplish good things for the Lord.”

Isaiah then tells Hezekiah of the numerous tragic things that will take place after Hezekiah dies, and Hezekiah egotistically replies (in 2 Ki. 20:19; top ) that it is good that these things will not take place during his reign.

The result of Hezekiah’s stubbornness and his failure to obey God’s will for the termination of his life was disastrous. His sons promoted a multitude of unholy tragedies that Hezekiah’s obedience to God’s timing for his death could have prevented.


  1. All the riches in silver and gold stored up in Jerusalem were taken to Babylon.

  2. Hezekiah’s son, Manasseh, was 12 years old when he started his reign as king and reigned for 55 wicked years.

  3. Some of Hezekiah’s other sons are taken to be eunuchs in Babylon.

  4. Altars of Baal restored.

  5. Manasseh built heathen altars in the house of the Lord.

  6. Manasseh made his son to be a burned offering to the pagan god, Molech.

  7. He further provoked God by dealing with sorcerers and wizards.

  8. Manasseh shed much innocent blood.

  9. Manasseh’s son, Amon, succeeded him on the throne and promoted the worship of heathen idols.

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The End Time Men

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