41. Last of the Ninth

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer

There is a contest going on between the Christians and the forces of evil for the championship of the entire world. It has been shaping up for 2000 years, so this promises to be the World Series of all World Series.

The Christian team is losing, going into the bottom of the ninth, 3 to 0. The Holy Spirit has been pitching superbly for the home team despite six errors by His Team. All the three runs by the Evil Ones were scored on errors by the Christians.

In the first inning, the first two runs were scored for the Evil Ones after Fear, playing third for the Evil Ones, hit a grounder to shortstop “Doc” Doctrines of the Christians that should have been an easy double play. But “Doc” booted it and Anger and Unbelief scored from second and third unrespectively, for a 2 to 0 lead.

The Christian pitcher, the Holy Spirit, struck out the side in the second through the eighth innings.

In the top of the ninth, with two outs, the Evil Ones sent Confusion to the plate and he popped up to the first baseman, Self Righteousness. He dropped the ball, and in trying to pick it up he kicked the ball into right field, where Hi Pride fumbled the ball. Finally, Ego Trip came over from center field and threw home on five bounces, as Confusion got an inside the sanctuary home run.

So the Evil Ones are leading 3-0 going into the bottom of the ninth. The Christians have Gluttony on third base as a result of a two-base error by False Prophet in left field. Then Pastor John got hit by a pitch from the pitcher Harry the Beast; and then Low Unregenerate was walked purposely to set up a force out at any base to end the game and the championship of the World Series.

The managers of the Christian team, Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar, conferred at the Christian dugout, pondering the next move: should they finally let Jesus Christ come to bat?!

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The End Time Men

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