51. Ministry?

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Jer. 3:15 π Lk. 14:26 π Col. 3:11

Lk. 14:26 : ďIf any man come to Me and hate not...yes, even his own life, he cannot be My disciple.Ē (top)

ďGod has revealed to me He is going to give me a certain ministry.Ē This statement is rampant in Christian circles today. God only gives Himself totally to people, not to a ministry. If we donít accept God in totality and let Him use us as He pleases, then we will have to start a ministry.

After we feel called of God, our self-life promotes a desire for us to be a counselor, promoter or spiritual leader to fulfill this call. These spiritual labels appeal to the self-life, so we immediately proceed to take courses, go to seminars and counseling sessions to gain academic credibility to fulfill these labels. Beware of secretly believing you are a profound person and a necessary asset to the Church of Jesus Christ. God could get along without us very easily. The probable truth is that we are likely a liability to Godís Kingdom.

Moses and Paul, two of Godís best examples, were not seeking to be leaders, nor to start a ministry, nor to gain acceptability from the local brethren. Their credibility was in their availability to be spent by Godís desire in behalf of their brethren, and their brethren often didnít approve, because they desired to go their own way. It is the good in a manís life that hates the goodness that he can become.

Paul and Moses had the heart of God inside them. The counselor, the minister and the sacrificial heart of Jesus lived within them, and they got to the point where Godís desire was their desire. Their self-life was crucified, so Christ could be ďall in all.Ē ( Col. 3:11; top )

What we know intellectually about the Scripture and the Christian life, even through years of experience, is nothing in comparison to letting God do whatever He wishes through our vacated vessel. Just putting your arm around another person in genuine Godly love will put the most experienced, born-again, spirit-filled Christian counselorís oratory to silence.

The end-time move of God will necessitate our:

denying our self-life
forsaking all
death to self
being one with the Father.

Then ď...I will give you pastors according to My heart, which shall feed you with (My) knowledge and understanding.Ē ( Jer. 3:15; top )

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The End Time Men

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