76. Calling of God

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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1 Cor. 1:29 π 2 Pet. 1:10

ďÖGive diligence to make your calling and election sure; for if you do these things you shall never fall.Ē ( 2 Pet. 1:10; top )

There are so many people claiming a special ministry and calling of God for themselves, and some of these are valid callings. However, when these callings donít become immediate realities, confusion and doubts prevail. We have succumbed to the thought patterns of todayís society, which has permeated our thinking and behavior by presenting instantaneous solutions for perspiration problems, overdue bills, sleeplessness and back pains. We desperately need to have the eyes of our spiritual understanding illuminated so we can know what is the real hope of Godís calling for us. (And it isnít an instantaneous process.)

When the promised calling doesnít seem to materialize; the self-will starts promoting to fulfill the calling and the spiritual calling is superceded by the flesh.

The irreparable damage has started as the fleshly ministry ministers the only thing it is capable of: it ministers death instead of life. So the body of Christ gropes its way toward even more darkness, and much of so-called Christian leadership is unable to discern this death and darkness as spiritual things are spiritually discerned. God be merciful to us. We have chosen our way, and not Godís way.

Mosesí life should be an excellent example of manís inability to promote oneís own calling. His killing of the Egyptian to help in Israelís deliverance and fulfilling his calling only compounded the problem.

If the Holy Spirit has given any of us a vision of our calling during a heavily anointed meeting, or during a night visitation of Godís Spirit, that was indelibly imprinted on our spirit and mind, and we struggled to comprehend its spiritual greatness: to have this calling fulfilled will cost us everything in consecration, dedication, fasting and prayer, to fulfill the brokenness and selflessness required for it to become a reality. Then the potter can use the totally empty vessel to dispense living waters void of human contaminations.

Moses had to finally admit, after 40 years of learning in the deserts of Midian, that he could not deliver Israel. Then God could finally use him for Israelís deliverance. When God promises a calling or ministry to one of His children, God will fulfill this calling, not by our using our gifts or abilities or our time schedule, but by using the Holy Spirit of God to promote the true humility of Jesus in us, so a true work and calling of God can be fulfilled.

ďThat no flesh should glory in His presence.Ē ( 1 Cor. 1:29; top )

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The End Time Men

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