93. Justification

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Acts 13:39 π 1 Cor. 4:4-5

With Jesus’ death on the cross and the shedding of His blood, and the acceptance into our heart and inner being by believing this sacrifice as being sufficient to forgive us the guilt of our sins, we gain justification. We are declared free from the sin guilt, and we are acceptable by God as righteous in His sight. Because the sacrifice was perfect, so are we totally justified. ( Acts 13:39; top )

If we stop here we are in for a lot of trouble and impossible detours.

Paul said that he was not conscious of anything against him and that he felt blameless – but, he said further, that doesn’t acquit him, because of feeling that way – for the Lord will reveal the hidden things of darkness and reveal the secret motives of our hearts, then everyone will realize where they are with God. ( 1 Cor. 4:4-5; top )

Even though we are totally justified in the sight of God, our total cleaning is just beginning.

No one becomes entirely sanctified unless he has truly died to the self-life. It is an experience, not a notion or belief. It comes through a deep chastising into our lives, so we can see the utter futility of just being a sincere Christian.

We finally see that everything that is not of God in us will have to be put to death.

SUCH AS: Our selfishness of ruling in a meeting with a story to always stop everyone else’s.

Our irritation over small things in other Christians’ actions.

Our failure to see that we are too smart in our own conceits.

Our inability to see the beam in our own eye.

Our manipulation of family and friends to do Christian acts and to receive new teachings of which we approve.

Our resentment over a lesser Christian’s new blessing.

Our shallow love for God.

Our meeting with other Christians to socialize about Bible verses, void of a desire to sacrifice in fasting and prayer to change the entire group.

Our need for everyone’s approval.

We were created to be justified and sanctified. To be sanctified means to be totally cleansed and that we have deliberately given ourselves over to God to be used as He used His own Son, freely and completely for other humans. Then our justification becomes a reality, not only to God but whomsoever we meet.

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The End Time Men

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