142. Godís Timing

The End Time Men
W.W. Fischer
Scriptures Referenced in This Chapter:
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Ex. 4:10 π Job 40:4 π Jer. 3:15 π Gal. 4:4 π 2 Cor. 4:10 π 2 Tim. 2:21

ďBut when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, subject to the law.Ē ( Gal. 4:4; top )

Contemporary Christianity is almost totally unconcerned about waiting for Godís timing, but revels in looking for open doors and is anxious to be working for God.

If we are willing to be a servant of the living God, then the role of a servant is one of obedience to Godís timing.

We do not seek a ministry to feed our pride, even though we know the call of God is upon us. We seek only to serve God, and when His time is right we go forth, one step at a time, and only with His direction and counsel.

Today it is fashionable for most everyone to go forth after conversion, often putting labels upon themselves, then trying to fulfill the label by doing something for God. We are to fulfill nothing but the divine timing of God - the Biblical pattern of timing was in most cases more years of preparation than the ministry.

We are to be sanctified and meet for the masterís use, and prepared unto every good work ( 2 Tim. 2:21; top ), but not seeking to do every good work. Doing ďgoodĒ is the enemy of ďperfect.Ē

Usually, the most vulnerable people to disregarding Godís timing are those that have just graduated from a Bible course, who have head knowledge, void of actual experience, who havenít been able to say ďBehold I am vile,Ē like Job ( Job 40:4 ), and therefore are not really ready. Moses said, ďI canít.Ē ( Ex. 4:10; top )

Without the actual experience of trials, sufferings, delays, misunderstandings and difficulties, we are without the divine source of compassion, insight and mercy of God. ď...that the life of Jesus might also be manifest in our body.Ē ( 2 Cor. 4:10; top )

ď...I (God) will give you pastors according to My heart which shall feed you with (My) knowledge and understanding.Ē ( Jer. 3:15; top ) (In Godís timing.)

If our motivation doesnít come from a heart purged of pride, we fulfill our own timing, bringing discredit to Godís Kingdom. In this present generation, we have seen so much that has posed as Godís program, but has been ruled by pride, lust for attention, and fundraising that our generation cannot come close to comprehending what a real move of God would look like.

But Godís timing is always to send the holy after the profane has had its day.

The real end-time move of God will be fulfilled after manís futile attempt has failed to produce what God has prophetically promised. So man has produced what only humans can produce: death. The corpse looks at peace, but its innards are corrupt, decaying into dust, absolutely destitute of light, a product of darkness.

Godís glorious and holy light follows manís blunder with something so unlike what we have observed to be Godís Kingdom that the contrast will be too much for even the holiest of Christís credibility to accept.

The holy has superceded the profane in Godís timing as God always has the last word!

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The End Time Men

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