Preface to First Edition

The Warfare With Satan and the Way of Victory
Jessie Penn-Lewis

July, 1906

In 1897 at a day of waiting upon God at the C.I.M. Hall, London, I gave a series of addresses upon Spiritual Conflict, particularly in regard to those who had been brought by the Holy Spirit into the experience of union with Christ in the heavenly places. Notes of these addresses were afterwards issued in a small pamphlet, and numbers have testified to their meeting a real need in throwing light upon the conflict in the spiritual realm. Two editions of this pamphlet - "Conflict in the Heavenlies" - were issued, but it ran out of print some time in 1904, and many requests for its re-issue have been received, but in the fuller, clearer light on the subject which has come to me in the succeeding years since the addresses were given, I was constrained to withhold a re-print, but to write more fully what God has taught me, keeping to the same outline of the subjects as in the first pamphlet.

The Church of God is undoubtedly emerging to a new sphere of spiritual experience and power, and many are finding a correspondingly new manifestation of the powers of darkness. So little has been written on the subject from an experimental standpoint, that I trust the following brief treatise dealing with a vast, and, to a certain extent, little known subject, may be of practical service at this present time to all who are meeting the forces of darkness in what are to them new phases and new power. "Earth's Earliest Ages," by G.H. Pember, will be of incalculable service at this present time in unveiling the kingdom of darkness, but it does not profess to deal with the subject as it concerns the Spirit-filled Christian in his daily walk and service.

There are also pamphlets issued by Mrs. McHardie, called the "Apostacy series," which unveil the origin and growth of Spiritism, etc. All who are in the Lord's service, who are needing fullest knowledge for dealing with these matters, will find these pamphlets most useful.*

Jessie Penn-Lewis


* These pamphlets are now out of print. (1928).

Online Version: All Scripture quotes have been updated
to modern English as have been any instances
of the author's usage of archaic English forms.
Originally, all references in this book were taken
from the Revised Version of the Bible,
and the letter "C.H." indicate Conybeare and Howson's translation
of the Epistles of St. Paul. This latter convention
is followed with updated English equivalents where necessary.
Many Scripture references were added to enable online readers
to more readily search the Scriptures for themselves.
The requirement upon all to be "noble Bereans" has never been greater
than in these last days of rampant lawlessness and deception.

Chapter I
The Warfare With Satan and the Way of Victory

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