1.15 The Peril of Deceiving Spirits
Affects Every Child of God


Chapter 1: A Biblical Survey
of Satanic Deception

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

The peril concerns every child of God, and no spiritual believer dare say he is exempt from peril. The prophecy of the Holy Spirit declares, that

(1) "some" shall fall away from the faith;

(2) the reason for the fall will be a giving heed to deceiving spirits, i.e., the nature of their working being not known evil, but deception, which is a covered working. The essence of deception is that the operation is looked upon as sincere and pure.

(3) The nature of the deception will be in doctrines of demons, i.e., the deception will be in a doctrinal sphere.

(4) The way of deception will be that the "doctrines" are delivered with "hypocrisy," i.e. spoken as if true.

(5) Two instances of the effect of these evil spirit doctrines are given: (a) the forbidding of marriage, and (b) abstaining from meats; both, said Paul "created by God." Therefore their teaching is marked by opposition to God, even in His work as Creator.

[1.14] Paul's Statement in 1 Tim. 4:1-2, the Only Specific One Showing the Cause of the Peril
[1.16] The Satanic Forces Described in Ephesians 6
1. A Biblical Survey
of Satanic Deception - Table of Contents
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