2.13 Different Kinds Of Evil Spirits


Chapter 2: The Satanic Confederacy of Wicked Spirits

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Acts 8:10 π Acts 19:15

That there are different kinds of spirits is evident from all the instances given in the gospel records. Their manifestation outside the gospel cases, may be seen in the story of the girl at Philippi, possessed by a "spirit of divination," and again in Simon the Sorcerer, who was so energized by Satanic power for the working of miracles, that he was considered to be "a great power of God" by the deceived people. ( Acts 8:10 ) Spiritists, to-day, are deceived, in so far as they really believe they are communicating with the spirits of the dead; for it is easy for spirits of evil to impersonate any of the dead, even the most devoted and saintly Christians. They have watched them ( Acts 19:15; top ) all their lives, and can easily counterfeit their voices, or say anything about them, and their actions when on earth.

[2.12] Varied Manifestation of Evil Spirits Through Persons
[2.14] Evil Spirits Foretelling Through Mediums
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