4.13 Passivity of the Whole Man


Chapter 4: Passivity the Chief Basis of Possession

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

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Col. 2:23

At this stage every department of the whole being is affected. The man acts without using, or using fully, the mind, will, imagination, reason; that is, without thinking (volitionally), deciding, imagining, reasoning. The affections seem dormant, as well as all the faculties of mind and body. In some cases the bodily needs are also dormant, or else the man suppresses them, and deprives himself of food, sleep and bodily comfort at the dictation of the spirits in control; thus carrying out a "severity to the body" which is not of any real value against the indulgence of the flesh. ( Col. 2:23; top ) The animal part of the man may also be awakened, and whilst stoical in sensibilities and feeling, be gluttonous in the demand for supply of bodily needs; that is, the machinery of the bodily frame goes on working independently of the control of mind or will, for the body now dominates spirit and soul. Men may live in the

1) human spirit,

2) in the soul, or

3) in the body;

for example, the glutton lives in, or after, the body; the student in mind, or soul, the spiritual man "in the spirit." "Spiritists" are not really "spiritual," or true men of spirit, for they live in the sense realm generally, and only have to do with "spirit" through their dealing with the evil spiritual forces, through understanding the laws for their workings, and fulfilling them.

[4.12] Passivity of the Body
[4.14] The Spirit Sense Lost in Sensations of the Body
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