4.25 Deliverance From Passivity


Chapter 4: Passivity the Chief Basis of Possession

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

The believer needing deliverance from the condition of passivity, must first seek to understand what should be his normal or right condition; and then test, or examine himself in the light of it, to discern if evil spirits have been interfering. To do this, let him recollect a moment in his life, which he would call his "best," either in spirit, soul and body, or in his whole being; and then let him look upon this as his normal condition, which he should expect as possible to be maintained, and never rest satisfied below it.

As the passivity has come about gradually, it can only end gradually, as it is detected, and destroyed. The full co-operation of the man is necessary for its removal, and is the cause of the long period needed for his deliverance. Deception and passivity can only be removed as the man understands, and co-operates by the use of his volition in the refusal of the ground, and the deception which came through it. This is also the reason why, in this aspect of "possession," evil spirits cannot be "cast out," because the cause which gave them admittance is a factor in their expulsion.

An important point in deliverance from passivity is to keep perpetually in the mind, the standard of the normal condition, and if at any time the believer drops below it to find out the cause, so as to have it removed. Whatever faculty, or part of the being, has been surrendered into passivity, and therefore lost for use, must be retaken by the active exercise of the will, and brought back into personal control. The "ground" given which caused any faculty to fall into bondage to the enemy, must be found out, and given up; and then refused persistently, in a steady resistance to the spirits of evil in their hold of it, remembering that the powers of darkness fight against the loss of any part of their kingdom in man, as much as any earthly government would fight to protect its own territory and subjects. The "Stronger than he" is the Conqueror, and strengthens the believer for the battle, and to recover all the spoil.

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