5.1 Degree of Ground Needed for Evil Spirit to Possess Cannot Be Defined


Chapter 5: Deception and Possession

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Jn. 13:2 π Rom. 6:6 π Rom. 6:11

The needed degree of ground given to an evil spirit in order to possess, cannot be clearly defined, but that there is

1) sin without evil spirit possession;

2) sin which opens the door to possession; and

3) sin which is unmistakably the result of Satanic possession ( Jn. 13:2; top ) is beyond question.

If the man, be he unbeliever or believer, sins so as to admit an evil spirit, the ground given may be deepened without measure.

1) the ground given admits the demon,

2) the "manifestation" of the evil spirit takes place,

3) then the misinterpretation of the manifestation again gives further ground, because he believes, and admits still more of the lies of the evil one.

It is possible, also, for deception and possession to come about, and pass away without the man being conscious of either. He may yield to sin which gives access to an evil spirit, and then take the position of death ( Rom. 6:6 , 11; top ) to the sin or its ground, when, unconsciously to himself, the possession passes away.

Multitudes of believers are "possessed" in various degrees but do not know it, as they attribute the "manifestations" to "natural" causes, or to "self" or "sin," and they put them down to these causes because they do not appear to bear the characteristics of demoniacal possession.

There is also a degree of deception by deceiving spirits, in connection with counterfeits of God and Divine things, which leads on to possession; and this too, depends upon the extent of the counterfeits which have been accepted by the believer. Through "possession" by accepting the counterfeit of the workings of the Holy Spirit, believers can, unknowingly, be brought to

1) put their trust in evil spirits,

2) rely on them,

3) surrender to them,

4) be guided by them,

5) pray to them,

6) listen to them,

7) obey them,

8) receive messages from them,

9) receive Scripture texts from them,

10) help them in their desires and working,

11) stand by them, and

12) work for them;

believing they are in these attitudes towards God, and doing these things for God.

In some cases, the counterfeit manifestations have been accepted with such reckless abandonment, that deception has quickly developed into possession in a most acute, yet subtle, and highly refined form; giving no apparent trace of the presence of evil, yet the peculiar double personality, characteristic of fully developed "demon possession," is easily recognizable to trained spiritual discernment; although it may be hidden under the of the most beautiful "angel of light" manifestation, with all the fascinating attraction of "glory light" upon the face, exquisite music in song, and a powerful effect in speech.

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