6.21 The Counterfeit of the Man Himself


Chapter 6: Counterfeits of the Divine

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

In counterfeiting the believer himself, the evil spirit gives him exaggerated views, almost visions, of his own personality; he is "wonderfully gifted," and is therefore "puffed up"; he is "miserably incapable," and so is in despair; he is "amazingly clever," and thus undertakes what he cannot do; he is "helpless," "hopeless," "too forward," or "too backward" - in brief, a countless number of pictures of himself, or others, are presented to the mind of the man when once the lying spirit has gained a footing in the imagination.

So subtle is the identity of the deceiving spirit with a believer's individuality, that others see, what may be described as a "spurious personality," sometimes the person appears to be "full of self" when the inner man is deeply selfless; "full of pride" when the inner man is sincerely humble. In fact, the whole outer appearance of the man in manner, voice, actions, words, is often quite contrary to his true character, and he wonders why "others misunderstand," misjudge and criticize. Some believers, on the other hand, are quite unconscious of the manifestation of this spurious self, and go on happily satisfied with what they themselves know of their own inner motives, and heart life; oblivious of the very contrary manifestation which others behold, and pity or condemn. The spurious personality caused by evil spirits in possession, can also be in a beautiful form, in order to attract or mislead others in various ways, all unwittingly to the person, or to the victim. This is sometimes described as "unaccountable infatuation," but if it was recognized as the work of evil spirits, refused and resisted, the "infatuation" would pass away. It is so wholly apart from the action of the will in the persons concerned, that the work of evil spirits is clearly to be recognized, especially when the supposed "infatuation" follows supernatural experiences; and possession, through the accepting of counterfeits, has resulted.

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