8.9 The Refusal Of Ground - Column 2


Chapter 8: The Path to Freedom

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

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Jn. 3:21

This brings us to the crucial matter of Column 2 of the way in which the "ground" the evil spirit has held must be dealt with. Thoughts admitted to the mind, passivity of mind or body, faculties allowed to lie unused, lack of mental control, of the use of the will, of decisive power or judgment, etc., now the believer must deliberately and steadily refuse all this ground to the enemy, especially and specifically the ground on the points wherein he has been deceived; for it is of primary importance that the one who is deceived should know the ground, and give it up.

Since there is POSSESSION BECAUSE OF GROUND GIVEN, there must be DIS-POSSESSION BECAUSE OF GROUND REFUSED to the enemy. The deceived one must pray for light until the cause or causes of the deception are revealed, and honestly desire, and be willing for the light on every point. ( Jn. 3:21; top ) He must be given light from God to detect symptoms and their causes, and in the recognition of these beware of introspection, i.e., a turning in upon himself, which is the contrary of a simple refusing of ground as it is brought into the light.

[8.8] Admittance of Possible Deception Logically Reasonable
[8.10] The Danger of Giving New Ground
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