11.4 The Use of Christ's Authority Over the Power of the Enemy


Chapter 11: War upon the Powers of Darkness

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Mk. 16:17 π Lk. 10:19 π Lk. 10:20 π Jn. 16:24 π Acts 3:6 π Acts 16:18 π 1 Cor. 6:17

The believer who has thus learnt, through fire, the real schemes and workings of the Satanic forces, and realizes that he must make war upon them for his own defense, as well as for the liberation of others, now discovers that Christ has given authority over "all the power of the enemy" ( Lk. 10:19 ) to all who will lay hold of it, as part of the finished redemption of Calvary. That in union with Him He gives the believer power to wield His Name, and in His name to have authority to cast out demons. This was one effect of the enduement of power upon the believers of the early Church. Christ said, on the eve of His Cross, "Hitherto ye have asked nothing in My name." ( Jn. 16:24 ) But after Pentecost they wielded the Name, and found the Spirit of God witness to its authority. "Such as I have, I give unto thee. In the Name...rise..." said Peter. ( Acts 3:6 ) "I command thee in the Name of Jesus...come out..." said Paul to the evil spirit. ( Acts 16:18 ) "In My Name shall they cast out demons..." said Christ of His followers. ( Mk. 16:17 ) "The spirits are subject to you..." ( Lk. 10:20 ) must be true of all who are in actual experience "one spirit" ( 1 Cor. 6:17; top ) with the Lord.

The authority of Christ is, therefore, open to the faith of all His children who are united to Him in spirit, even though they may not be wholly free, through ignorance, from the power of deceiving spirits in their outer man.

[11.3] The Believer Finds He Is At War With All Hell
[11.5] The Authority of Christ Is Not Inherent in the Believer
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