The Physiology of the Spirit



from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

See [9.8], [9.9], [9.10], [9.11], [9.12], [9.13], [9.14].

Gleanings from "Primeval Man Unveiled" by James Gall.

The natural body has its senses, the spirit also has its senses...

There are busy senses within, examining and judging, approving and condemning, joying and grieving, hoping and fearing, after a fashion of their own, which no bodily sense can imitate...

There is a spirit within which we call ourselves, and it is perfectly distinct from the body in which we dwell...

If our spirits, which are generated in or with our bodies, are elaborated from immaterial substances into separate existences, constituting individual spirits...these individual spirits must be presumed to be composed of spirit substance or substances, and possessed of different faculties...

Our very language implies that the human spirit is an organism composed of parts mutually related, which, though individually different, are generically the same...

It is a well established doctrine of Scripture, that the body is animated by an intelligent and immortal spirit, that feels and acts by means of its material mechanism, without being itself material...

[14.3] Demoniacal Activity in Later Times
[14.5] Demon Possession Among Christians
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