1 Corinthians 6:4

Greek/English Interlinear with Strong’s Numbers
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1 Corinthians 6 - Greek/English/Strong’s Interlinear

King James Version

If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the ekklesia.
New King James Version

If then you have judgments concerning things pertaining to this life, do you appoint those who are least esteemed by the ekklesia to judge?
New American Standard Bible

If then you have law courts dealing with matters of this life, do you appoint them as judges who are of no account in the ekklesia?
New International Version

Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, appoint as judges even men of little account in the ekklesia?
The Amplified Bible

If then you do have such cases of everyday life to decide, why do you appoint [as judges to lay them before] those who [from the standpoint] of the ekklesia count for least and are without standing?
Wuest’s Expanded Translation

Therefore, if you may be having courts [for the adjudication of your private matters], those who are least esteemed and of the most humble station in the local assembly, seat these on the judge’s bench.
Phillips’ Modern English

In any case, if you find you have to judge matters of this world, why choose as judges those who count for nothing in the ekklesia?
Williams’ Language of the People

So if you have the ordinary cases of life for settlement, do you set up as judges the very men in the ekklesia who have no standing?
KJV with Strong’s Numbers

If 1437 then 3767 ye 3303 have 2192 judgments 2922 of things pertaining to this life, 982 set 2523 them 5128 to judge who are least esteemed 1848 in 1722 the 3588 ekklesia. 1577
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