16. Know Your Enemy

Opening Spiritual Eyes
David Williams
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Gen. 3:15 π Isa. 45:18 π Lk. 9:55 π Jn. 16:12

In John 16:12 (top) , just before Jesus was to be crucified, He told His disciples that He had many more things He wanted to tell them, but that they were not yet ready to bear them. He also told them He would send the Holy Spirit to reveal all truth to them. But what if some truth is so unbearable that it is avoided at all costs, no matter how much evidence is put before people? Before Jesus comes for His Bride, She must face some truths that up until now, She has not been willing to. For She will never become cleansed of Her spots and wrinkles until then.

Here we are going to write about distasteful things that will tempt anyone to reject the truth, regardless. In fact, so distasteful that men of God of the past have built traditions to deny this truth. And the men of God of today, our leaders, are quick to follow those men’s traditions in spite of the fact it leaves many important questions unanswered, and leads us astray.

Anyone who thinks life on earth is not about spiritual warfare has been fooled by the enemy. He likely pays little attention to some of the most important information in the Bible and learns to say, “Oh, Jesus already won the battle and all we have to do now is get saved and wait for Him to come, being as good as we can until then.” Dream on. It was Satan’s idea to keep us ignorant of just how organized he and his cohorts are, and to keep us fighting the wrong battles. Satan himself is at the top of the hierarchy. Under him are the fallen angels, and some of them are very powerful. They are the “principalities and powers, and wicked rulers of darkness” Paul spoke of. Under them are the demons, who obey the higher order of the fallen angels.

Demons are the spirits of all the evil people who lived before the flood, and those who got swept away by it. They could not be saved to Heaven, for they had become sons of the devil. Let’s do a quick study on them: We see in the very first chapter of Genesis that God created the world, and it was good. Then we see that the earth had become void, in chaos. (Also see Isa. 45:18; top ) Then God put the Garden in its midst. This is called, “The gap theory,” where many years went by after the earth’s creation and while it went bad, until the Garden. This theory has a lot of evidence to support it, as we see archeologists digging up human and human-like bones far older than 6,000 years.

There is also plenty of Bible evidence to show there was a pre-Adamic race of humans. Had there not been evil people outside the Garden, there would have been no need for Adam to be called its keeper, which better translates to, “watch guard.” Adam was formed from the soil outside the Garden, and then was led in. So it is likely he knew who was outside it.

After Adam and Eve fell, we find that certain beings are attracted to the daughters of Eve, and they had sex with them. Those beings are described as “sons of God, the mighty men of old, the men of renown, and Nephilim (Giants).” Note that “sons of God” is the same title given those in the book of Job, who were called before God for a report on their doings. Satan was among those “sons of God.” The preadamic race interbred with the Adamic race. This was a plot by Satan to thwart God’s prophecy that one day Eve’s seed would bruise the head of Satan. His plan was to destroy her seed by putting his seed in her offspring. And he indeed has seed, as shown in Gen. 3:15 (top) .

Another Scripture which speaks of the preadamic race is where Adam and Eve were told to multiply and “replenish” the world. You don’t replenish, unless something was there before. The word “fill” the world in some translations is incorrect. We need to also look at where Cain was sent, as God judged him for murdering his brother. He was sent to an already named place, Nod. He was worried that someone there might murder him, so God marked him to prevent that. But who there might murder him, if not people from outside the Garden?

Even though the preadamic race was wiped out by the flood, they had already put their genes in the daughters of Eve, and this even affected Noah and his family. Their offspring immediately made evil their way in varying degrees through their lineages. There were often throwbacks who had more of the evil ones’ genes than others, begetting giants and other of what we not think of as oddities. For example, we see a contrast in Isaac’s twin sons. The first born, Esau, had red fur and smelled like a goat. A throwback. Being the first born, he was in line to inherit from Isaac, but the other twin, Jacob, was chosen by God instead. An example of the preadamic race not inheriting the earth, even though it was here first. Not that Jacob was such a nice guy, though. It took God’s hand to do a work in him to override the evil within him.

Here, we need to consider that God said He loved all men. Yet He also said He hated Esau. Think on that for a while. God let it be known to not marry close relatives. We can look at Abraham marrying his half sister and see why He did this. That increases the chances of throwbacks being born, as resulted with their son, Isaac, producing Esau. Consider that it was not unusual for some to be born like Esau, or giants for that matter, back in those days.

(Now, this paragraph has some speculation in it, but is worth considering. Early manuscripts were not written as directly as we see in our Bibles. It was more like continuing riddles. A translator then had to see the surrounding text to see in which direction they were being led, so they could give us a more direct translation. With this in mind, know that many Hebrew scholars have puzzled over seeing in the early writings, that it was possible that Cain and Abel were twins in Eve’s womb, but with different fathers. But their minds could not accept that Satan had sex with Eve, so they made their best educated guess how to translate it. Note that Cain is not shown in Adam’s lineage. And again remember, Satan has seed.)

We must insert here that these “oddities” are not about race. All races have oddities from the genes of the preadamic people. Race was decided at the judgment on the Tower of Babel, when God changed their languages and scattered them for trying to build another way to Heaven.

Satan had turned the whole first creation into his domain, including the first race of humans. This made them his sons. He wanted the earth to rule over, to be god over. It was God’s plan to not let him inherit the earth, and to do this with a complex plan using Adam and Eve, even after they fell. Meanwhile, the demon spirits, the now dead sons of Satan were roaming the earth with no bodies. Without a body to live in, they had no purpose. Spirits have the ability to send silent messages, just as we hear the still small voice of God. And they would use this ability to regain a body to live in. Those hearing the still small voice of demons would think it was their own thoughts they were hearing.

Remember what we talked about earlier in this book, that children go through many hard times of not understanding why they no longer get their way. In those brooding times, the demons, with their own still small voice, are able to first convince children of their lack of worth. Once that shame seed is well established and growing, they begin helping them resolve the bad feelings by giving them false justifications for how they are. Little by little, they guide the thought process of the children, until they accept what they have heard as fact. Once this is done, this is permission for the demons to actually enter the child and establish a stronghold. That information box is closed and labeled, and has become a stronghold. A high place of worship to the devil.

Demons each have unique specialities. Some are adept at deceit, for example, and they form the personality of a child to be deceitful. Likewise for other demons’ specialties of envy, strife, scorn, panic, impulsiveness, greed, pride, control, anger, hate, self pity, bitterness, vengeance, fear, covetousness, theft, manipulation, obsession, depression, suicide, argumentativeness, murder, defiance, lust, laziness, gluttony, oppression, filth, addictiveness, infirmity, negativity, darkness, and etc.; There will be a leader demon in each person, and he tries to get as many other demons in each person as he can, so he can rule them.

The purpose of these demons is to remain hidden, while yet influencing each person to do their will. In other words, they want to be served by their host, for service is worship. Even if it is hidden worship. These are the spots and wrinkles Jesus tells us His Bride will be without. Christians must come to face the facts as the Bible reveals them, that we are expected to take away the power of the enemy in our souls. This is far more serious work than the ways we have been taught until now. It is time to discard men’s traditions and reach for the high calling of the Bride of Christ.

Now, note that we have not called this “demon possession,” as early translators did. That was too strong a word, for demons never possess a human completely, but can guide the person in varying degrees from their hidden stronghold. Even the man with a legion of demons was able to make his way to Jesus. Note that when Jesus spoke of evil and wickedness in all men, the Disciples let that slip past them without considering it might mean them, too.

It is interesting that Jesus rebuked Peter by saying, “Get thee behind Me, Satan!” Then consider Jesus’ rebuke of the Disciples in Luke 9:55 (top) . The told them they did not know what manner of spirit they are of. This short sentence was very revealing, wasn’t it? But it went right over their heads. (Some translations leave that rebuke out.)

Look at what preceded that rebuke. They had tried to go through a town, but were turned away. James and John were so incensed about this, they wanted to call fire down upon the town. The truth is, they had just manifested of demons who controlled their emotions, to an extent. They did not know they had pride within them, of being Jesus’ chosen Disciples. When the town showed them disrespect, this insulted their pride, and that put another demon in charge of their emotions and they became enraged, wanting to kill the townspeople.

We, even we Christians, must look at how many times we manifest of demons in our attitudes. But we have come to think it is normal and proper, for we have our justifications settled. Of course, there is proper righteous anger. But if investigate, most anger shown even by Christians comes from deep inner defenses of their shame, defenses built by demons. So then, it might surprise us to know that even a slight frown, or any other reaction to another, can be a subtle manifestation of demonization. This is not to say that all emotions or expressions are from evil. But many have roots of bitterness from childhood hurts.

Many pastors have seen even worse manifesting of demons in people they know are faithful Christians where they temporarily go out of control and a demon is able to speak through them, even blasphemy toward God. But they know that their peers still believe the tradition that demons and the Holy Spirit cannot occupy the same space. Not only is that not Biblical, but the opposite is. God’s Spirit is everywhere, leaving no place unoccupied by Himself. Then that being so, demons can bide in the same space. So not wanting to buck traditions that would bring ridicule and shame on themselves, the pastors keep quiet about what they have seen instances of. In this, they help the devil do his secret warfare.

Many missionaries come back from third world countries where they have seen demons in Christians. But they are not allowed to tell what they have seen in their home church, as it might frighten the sheep. Besides, the tradition-bound pastors would have no way to explain it. On top of that, what pastor would even want to imagine that he himself had demons in him? Think of the shame he would feel if anyone else knew that this “man of God” was filled with hidden demons. So you can see the shields of defenses the devil has against his secrets getting out.

We know God is omnipresent, and that Satan isn’t. Yet we see Satan able to do his work all over the world simultaneously. The way he accomplishes this is by having his cohort fallen angels assigning demons to each newborn baby, and the kids grow up not knowing what is in them, guiding them by manipulating their emotions.

Now, demons can be cast out, but it is not as easy or even as successful as it sounds. It the host has little wisdom, then the demons can soon come right back in. The Baptism of Fire on the Narrow Path brings wisdom, love and righteousness, and thus the demons lose their hold in a host who has made that trip. This is a far better way than casting demons out.

What I write about demons is not guesswork. I have been in the deliverance ministry in a church. There, we dealt with victims of ongoing problems in their lives. More often than not, demons manifested grossly as we worked with the Holy Spirit on behalf of the host. We had both success and failure in cases, depending on how much the host really wanted to be rid of the demons. All those we dealt with were Christians. One in particular was a person who had been with us in the deliverance ministry, casting demons out of others. She had come for help to overcome inordinate fears. When we began probing, she slid to the floor and began slithering and hissing like a snake, until we cast that demon out of her.

God speaks to us with the still small voice, and He is also able to send us feelings. Most of us have felt His love, the joy of our salvation, and also conviction of the Holy Spirit. But evil spirits have both still small voices and the ability to send feelings, too. In deliverance sessions, demons in another have sent feelings to me to try to get me to stop, and it was very disturbing. I guess it was a word of knowledge that told me what was going on, and I cast that demon out of them, which stopped the feelings in me.

There are other ways that demons send feelings, as well. I have been in my church’s intercessory prayer meetings, where most were praying for revival and blessings to return. When I prayed for the Lord to show us why He was withholding these, I felt evil coming at me from many in the room for praying that. I could sense that others were silently praying I would leave the meeting.

Another time, I was in a fellowship room where someone got her feelings hurt. She loudly let it be known she would not let anyone step on her. She carried this on until I asked her if she might turn the other cheek, explaining to her that new people had already begun leaving because of the tirade. She turned on me with a vengeance, accusing me of judging her, and more.

Later, I began having feelings of fear of her coming on me, not in me. Now, at the same time I knew I feared no person. Yet the “feeling” was upon me to not face her again. I pondered on this for a couple of days, until I saw she had prayed to God against me. And that instead of it being God that answered her prayer, it was demons who were empowered to attack me. She was unknowingly using witchcraft. When I confronted the demons upon learning this, the feelings of fear lifted. Not long before this, I had asked God to reveal more to me about demons can send feelings to others.

If you take what I’ve written on demons seriously, you will find that many of your unanswered questions will be answered sensibly, even if unsettling. You might wonder who everyone, even leaders having demons in them, fits into God’s plan. We will cover that in a later chapter. First, we need to know how to deliver ourselves from them. See a parable to this: The Israelites were not responsible for the giants being in the Promised Land they were to enter. Yet God made them responsible to oust them. Likewise, we were not responsible for the giants coming into us. But we are responsible to drive them out of us, making our souls the Kingdom of God.

So the hidden iniquity in our Patriarchs came from having demons within themselves. Demons, which got them to make childhood vows, and then motivated them to fulfill those vows. All this was done hidden, within. And the same thing happened to every one of us, without exception. It would show itself in us too, if we had the same opportunities to lead, as some do. We will cover that more, later.

By the way, the church I belonged to had progressed to seeing that leaders could also have demons. As they neared this becoming revelation instead of mind knowledge, intense ridicule came on them from other churches about their spiritual warfare teaching, among other attacks. Little by little, they eased away from demonics and concentrated on physical healings instead. Like all other churches before them, they became a traditional church. They chose the easy path.

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