This Wicked World

Neil Girrard

John wrote, "...and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one."

Though this verse is subject to various interpretations and renderings, it offers a clear explanation of what is wrong with the world: evil exercises influence, control and power over the happenings and inner workings of this world. Thus it is no surprise (to those who understand this "secret" mystery) that the governments of men are oppressive and do evil things. And the more the demonically-influenced and -controlled men wield secret power behind the scenes in order to influence and control the visible rulers of governments, the more evil and oppressive (against the true ways of God) the governments of men will be. False religion (and any true seeking of God that has unwisely imbibed any of false religion's deceptions) will be merely another tool in the government's hands to control its populace. Those who doubt that this has happened or that it can happen again in their own land and city are victims of a strong and powerful delusion - perhaps from God Himself!

One of the most pervasive philosophies that enables the devil to exercise his influence, control and power over the world is based on the idea that there are various classes of human beings. Nietzsche, for example, divided humanity into cattle, camels and over-men - that is, the common herd, the beasts of burden and those who were intrinsically qualified to rule over the others without themselves being ruled over by anyone else. This intrinsic and self-acclaimed "superiority" - usually measured in terms of worldly wealth and power - enables men to commit atrocities upon the herd for the supposed good of the many or for the benefit of the "superior" class. Hitler's atrocities on the Jewish race is an extreme example but it is by no means the only example to be cited. It is likely that the end-time government of men that bows down to and worships the devil will be run almost entirely behind the scenes and the average Joe, intent on his own life, will be even more bewildered at the rampant evil in government circles and the complete ineffectuality of those who use political power to curb this evil. Thus government officials and workers within related systems will be routinely faced with the choice of being a bureaucrat or a caring human being - most will choose poorly and add to their own later judgment.

The followers of Christ are supposed to engage in spiritual activities which routinely curb the evil of men and which entitle them and the land in which they live to be recipients of God's blessings. That evil is not curbed and God's blessings are being withdrawn is only evidence that the vast majority of those who claim to be followers of Christ are merely pawns, dupes and even willing participants under the influence, control and power of the devil, mere worldlings wearing a false guise of "Christianity" that is of no beneficial effect in this world and will be of no use whatsoever in the age to come either. The "church" - that visible, institutional counterfeit of real life in Christ - will be merely another weapon in the devil's end-time government's arsenal with which he can further wage his war against Christ and God.

Satan's goal is to establish for himself a dominion wherein he rules in the place which God has. God has graciously allowed him 6,000 years in which to demonstrate to all observers - both human and angelic - the real nature of his rule. Satan's rule is based on pride, ambition, selfishness, deception and cruelty to others. Satan, as the author of confusion, will never be capable of producing an unshakeable kingdom like the kingdom of Christ and God. His kingdom is built on a flawed foundation. The kingdom of God, where it touches men, is based on the complete impartiality of God. There are no separate categories of human beings where He is concerned. Each man will be judged according to his own works within the context of the life he was given. Christ's rule is based on His personal Headship over each individual member of His body. The unity among His true followers by His Spirit is a supernatural, spiritual, miraculous internal transformation of human nature - that nature which more readily submits itself to the deceptions and machinations of the devil.

In the end, Christ will rule with a rod of iron. Satan's throne will be torn down and demolished because his kingdom cannot endure. Those who, either by negligence or malicious intent, join themselves to his cause will share space with the devil forever in the eternal lake of fire.

Let he who has ears hear.

1 John 5:19
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