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Scriptures referenced on this Scriptures Page:
Prov. 11:14 π Mt. 13:30 π Mt. 13:41 π Lk. 5:38-39 π Heb. 8:10

One of the basic beliefs of all Christians sincerely trying to follow Christ and God in spirit and truth is that the Scriptures, as originally penned, were divinely inspired and flawlessly presented to men as the complete repository of all that pertains to life and godliness in Christ Jesus.

Unfortunately, many groups have transferred that same notion of divine inspiration and flawless presentation onto the translators of the various English translations that have been done over the years. It is true that the translators of the various translations of merit have approached their work in the Scriptures with great respect and even reverence. But it is also true that God left a “window” open whereby the tares would not be prematurely exposed as the sons of the devil and thus the wheat and the tares could grow side by side. ( Mt. 13:30 ) As the day of harvest fast approaches, when the angels will first remove the tares ( Mt. 13:41; top ), God is graciously revealing the many deceptions and devices the devil has used to keep the identity and nature of his children a well-kept, well-guarded secret. But God is now giving the people who claim to be His (but who have co-mingled too closely with the ways and ideas of the tares) a last-minute opportunity to repent of the idolatry they have carelessly absorbed and practiced.

The devil has taken particular advantage of the translation of certain words and concepts involving Christian leadership and assembly. Careful study and a return to the original writings – combined with a humble and contrite spirit that trembles at God’s words – exposes these deceptions fairly quickly if one can step away from one’s addictions to the old wine one has accustomed himself too. (see Lk. 5:38-39; top )

The Bible says there is safety in a multitude of counselors. ( Prov. 11:14; top ) This site presents five Old Testament and eight New Testament English versions of the Scripture references cited in an attempt to help the reader take the first step in avoiding the trap of getting locked into one (perhaps imperfect, biased) translator’s rendering. Often one translator’s inadequate, biased rendering clearly points out the superior renderings of the real meaning of the original language in the other translations. Where all the English translations have followed a poor rendering and this rendering sabotages the original meaning, this site will have the original Greek word transliterated in its rightful place.

As we scrape off the distortions and additions the devil has deceived us into, thereby allowing him to write over top of God’s laws and ways in our hearts ( Heb. 8:10; top ), the pure, undiluted, spiritual truths will be revealed to us and they will become light and life for us – rather than the contradictory, confusing mass of religious theologies the teachings of men (and demons!) has produced throughout modern churchianity.

The Paidion Books site will reference the following versions:

King James Version – KJV (Old and New Testaments)
New King James Version – NKJV (Old and New Testaments)
New American Standard Bible – NASB (Old and New Testaments)
New International Version – NIV (Old and New Testaments)
The Amplified Bible – Amp. (Old and New Testaments)
Wuest’s Expanded Translation – Wuest (New Testament)
Phillips’ in Modern English – Phps. (New Testament)
Williams’ in the Language of the People – Wms. (New Testament)

Scripture Reference Index

New Testament

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Old Testament

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God bless you.

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