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Many people who are trapped within “churches” and/or other cultic/fringe religious groups have most often embraced some pseudo-Scriptural concept that is, in reality, some twisted, distorted misconception of what the Bible – when rendered in the whole counsel of God – has to say about the matter. The following short treatments of various verses attempts to show how the various deceptions which rely on that particular verse have failed to rightly divide the word of truth while explaining the verse in a more proper light.

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Spiritual Fathering

Everyone would love to be loved by a father-figure. Unfortunately, some have taken advantage of this common urge within the human heart and coupled it with a teaching that says everyone who follows Christ is to have a “spiritual father.” Unfortunately, those who take some man (or woman in some places where these false doctrines are taught!) to be their “spiritual father” rejects God as their true spiritual Father.

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There may be no more deceptive error currently sweeping people away from the truth and divine grace of God than what can only be rightly called hyper-grace. As amazing and wonderful and profound and powerful as God’s grace is, when “grace” is allowed to be a license for sin or lawlessness (what is right in one’s own eyes), grace is cheapened and the gospel is made of no effect.

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Even the government is not above using a Bible verse or two to its own advantage when Christians stand between it and its goal of “law and order.”

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