Be Still (Album)

Neil Girrard

I am neither a professional musician nor the son of a professional musician. I am not an entertainer nor (at least not anymore) a “worship leader.” I am simply sharing what the Lord has given me. These songs are given as edification and conversation starters, not entertainment.

2nd Mix

At this time (Sept. 2015 – a year later!), these are our (two of my sons are now involved in this) second effort at recording these songs. Again, we don’t know a lot about what we’re doing and there are certainly gaps in our knowledge and resources! Be blessed anyway! In His love, Neil.

  1. If I Could Tickle Ears Ear-scratching teachers and preachers do more than defraud their listeners – they defraud themselves! Play MP3 Audio π Lyrics with Chords Watch Lyrics Video

Rough Cuts!

At the time these were recorded (Sept. 2014), they were my working rough cuts. Be warned – I don’t know what I’m doing where recording and editing are concerned. If anyone wants to lend a hand or point me in the right direction, please let me know. The songs are simply recorded live in front of my laptop with its built-in mic so this is what the computer thinks it is hearing! I’ve only removed the background white noise and left the file for future editing when I’ve gotten further along the learning curve regarding recording and editing. I pray you will be blessed in spite of the roughness of the recordings. In His love, Neil.

Note: Any songs that have been redone in the 2nd Mix project will be removed from this list.

  1. Be Still A song that God sings to His people - if they will but listen. Play MP3 π Lyrics with Chords

  2. Absolutely The standards of this world change nothing about the truths of God and Christ Jesus. Play MP3 π Lyrics with Chords

  3. America Few seem to realize why America is degenerating so badly and so quickly – but the answer is really quite simple. Play MP3 π Lyrics with Chords

  4. Hand in Hand Holiness and love are inseparably linked. Play MP3

  5. They Say What people say is not nearly as important as what God says. Play MP3 π Lyrics with Chords

  6. Come To Me God doesn't ask strangers to obey Him, He expects His own people to do that. Play MP3 Lyrics with Chords

  7. Come Out God stills calls us to come out from among those who falsely call upon His name. Play MP3 Lyrics with Chords

  8. Death or LifeThe gospel message goes a lot deeper than the religious talking heads on television and in the pulpits seem to know. Play MP3 Lyrics with Chords
    Life – The “bridge” from Death or Life - Play MP3
  9. Hey Laodicea What Jesus said to the ekklesia of Laodicea is much more relevant today than most imagine. Play MP3

  10. Supremities God still waits for man to realize his deepest need, the need for God. Play MP3

  11. Ears to Hear This world offers us everything to keep us from finding and following Christ – and then delivers us into hell. Be warned! Play MP3 Lyrics with Chords

  12. Here Am I, O Lord - Send Me God still desires a willing heart – are we available? Play MP3

  13. Hope For Tomorrow Jesus is the only true hope for today and tomorrow. Play MP3

  14. That I May Know Him A song that should be all of our hearts’ cry. Play MP3 Lyrics with Chords

  15. Hungry Hearts The darkness of this world cannot stop the heart that hungers for the Light that is shining. Play MP3

  16. My Own Man Our society and our culture teaches us, and the “church” has swallowed it too, that we can still be our own man and live for Jesus too. But is that true? Play MP3

  17. Have You Forgotten? Have we forgotten what the gospel of Jesus Christ is about? Play MP3

I’d love to hear comments and/or questions from you! Email me!

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