Hey, Laodicea

Neil Girrard
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Hey Laodicea, thought Iíd come by to see ya. Tell ya whatís on My mind.
Remember Me? Iím Faithful and True. Iím the Maker of your world.
I know what youíve done - youíve added to My word.

You donít love Me, you donít hate Me. You just use Me for what you want.
Make up your mind, Iím gentle and kind but your master can only be one.
Choose this day whom you will serve.

You say youíve got all you need - who could ask for anything more?
But I tell you youíre blind and youíre naked, youíre pitiable, wretched and poor.

Come to Me! Iíll give you all you need.
Buy from Me gold thatís been through the fire that you may have true wealth.
Buy from Me robes of righteousness - be clothed in white.
Why should everyone know all the evil that youíve done?
Close your eyes and I will make you see.

If I love you, I will rebuke you. If I love you, I will pursue.
Be zealous for Me. Stop the wicked things you do.

Iím standing at your door - knocking, wonít you let me in?
Youíre My people, youíre My bride - why am I outside looking in?
Open the door and I will come in
And dine with you and you with Me, in harmony.
The Kingís own bride, spotless in white, standing by My side Ė
The picture of perfect majesty.

He who is triumphant shares with Me My throne
Just as I who was triumphant shares in My Fatherís throne.
He who has an ear, let him hear.

Hey Laodicea, thought Iíd come by to see ya. Tell ya whatís on My mind.

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