A Growing Crowd of Witnesses:

Recommended readings for anyone wanting to hear the same things that I’ve been saying from someone else!

Road of the Kingdom – Chad & Ondrea Kidd

I especially recommend that you read their book –
either for individual or for group studies and discussion.
Rethinking the Unthinkable

Unveiling – Lynette Woods

Being a Testimony
by Lynette Woods
Unveiling site

Voice of One Crying - Ken Brown

Deception in the Church
by Ken Brown.
Going to God or Religion?
by Ken Brown.

The Revelation of the Lost Keys - Kevin Paul

The Crux of the Matter of the New Testament and Assembly Life
by Kevin Paul.

Truth for Free/Prayershack - Dave Yeubanks

The Wilderness Experience
by Peter Whyte
Article copied from Chapter Five of the book:
Come Out Of Her My People
The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy
by George Davis, Michael Clark & Kirk Pearson.

You Are The Church Of The Living God Ministry - William McGee

Guilty By Association

Life Stream Teaching - Art Nelson

Captivity of the Church
Being the Church
Alphabetical Listing
Will the Real Church Please Stand up?
by Art Nelson

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to access this file. Get the Reader Free at

Here’s a blogsite that’s dedicated to the idea of asking a question and then taking some time to seek the Lord to see what He might have to say on the matter.

Here Comes the Groom

Articles by Ron Schwartz

Spiritual Authority Part 3

I’d love to hear comments and/or questions from you!

God bless you.

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