Hand in Hand

Neil Girrard
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[Ch.] Holiness and love, youíre the work of Jesus Christ.
No longer your own, youíve been bought with a price.
Give Him back your love, do what He commands.
Holiness and love, they go hand in hand.

1. How can I describe the love that comes from God?
Limitless and boundless, infinitely deep.
He gave up His Son, He gave up His only Son,
That we might believe and have eternal life.
But these words have all been said so many times before
Theyíve lost all effect, we wonder what they mean
Cause love is just a word, something rarely seen. [Chorus]

2. Godís love sounds too good, like something from a dream.
Godís love, it is true, that all of itís for you.
You donít have to earn it, itís His gift to you.
But if you do receive Him, youíll see some changes soon.
Your life becomes His and His becomes your own. [Chorus]

3. Holiness is obedience that and nothing more.
Love what is good, all evil abhor.
Refuse to compromise and for God you will shine.
You will be an instrument of Godís grand design. [Chorus]

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