If I Could Tickle Ears

Neil Girrard
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[chorus] If I could tickle ears, Iíd be a very rich man.
If I could work a crowd, Iíd be loved and called a hero.
If I tell you only what you want to hear,
If I have you sit at my feet, youíll applaud and cheer.
But if I preach the truth your flesh doesnít want to hear
Or if I insist that God speaks only to those with hearts to hear,
Youíll hate me and stop up your ears and run away
And gossip about me with your ďbrothersĒ on the way!

1. Itís not all that hard to stand over a crowd and play the religious expert.
Itís done three times a week all over the world.
But then whatís seen as being a real Christian is one who tells jokes and stories.
Not one who washes feet and lives his life only to do Godís will. [chorus]

2. Youíll know just what you are if youíre mad because Iíve kicked your sacred cow.
Youíre a tare among the wheat no matter what you claim.
Until you surrender all you can only do whatís right in your own eyes
And build your own kingdom, making followers after yourself and your own lies. [chorus]

3. Donít bother to invite me to your ďchurchĒ to play your religious games
And donít even expect me to sit at the feet of your man.
I wonít say yes to your doctrines or walk with you under your Nicolaitan ways.
But youíre always welcome to come by and just love me and to you Iíll do the same!

If I could tickle ears, Iíd be a very poor man!

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