Ears to Hear

Neil Girrard
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If I look in the phone book I can find a doctor,
A psychiatrist, a social worker, maybe even get me a wife.
But I canít find an elder whoís always and only
Clung to Jesus Christ Ė not even to save my life!

In the yellow pages I can find anything this world has to offer
Even a ďchurchĒ of my favorite flavor and stripe.
But where do I go to find Godís remnant
Whoíve kept themselves pure and undefiled?

I can find every kind of noise, comfort, distraction and toy
To keep me from overcoming my sin.
But I canít seem to ever just find the time
To love my brother and help him carry his burden

I can find every possible excuse for why I donít love my neighbor
Or why I donít care for the hurts of the orphans, widows and poor
And I wonít even think about how Iíll answer God when He wants to know
Why Iíve ignored these His special friends.

Because deep down inside I know
I have absolutely nothing I can say.
Somewhere I know Iíve let myself be deceived
I know its wrong to prefer these things
That seem right in my own eyes.

I just wonít make the time to find and Godís way.
In truth Iím happy to be my own ďGodĒ
And I just adore my favorite petty sins.
So what if no one will hear my eternal screams
In my lonely, fiery hell?

Anyone who has ears should use them now to hear!
Anyone who has ears should use them now to hear!
Anyone who has ears should use them now to hear!

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