Hungry Hearts

Neil Girrard
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[Ch.] There's a voice that's calling out to hungry hearts.
There is love that's reaching out to heal your wounds.
There is light that shines in the darkest night.
There is peace to calm the troubled soul.

1. Looking out across this troubled land, it's hard to believe in God's plan.
We hear about the goodness of man, how peace and hope are in his hands.
But suffering still goes on every day - nothing we do makes it go away.
Hearts are broken and families torn and we're still killing babies before they're born.

2. God's flock is scattered, beaten and bruised, always searching for God's truth.
Teachers fleece them in their greed, always ignoring their need.
People wander from place to place, still searching for God's grace,
Wanting only His rich truths, to behold Him face to face.

3. Shepherds neglect the sheep of God, never teaching what is right.
They teach us all their do's and don't's, adding in their favorite lies.
They tickle ears with what they want to hear and never have us meet Jesus Christ.
Pity them for they're empty too. Pity them twice, cause Judgment's due.

4. Judgment is just around the bend 'cause we refuse to give up our sin.
Jesus died for you and me - He paid the price to set us free.
No one is perfect and that is true, but obedience to Him is what's due.
Surrender to Him, give Him all. Never be ashamed of His call.

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