Building the Temple


Neil Girrard

The book of Haggai offers a very interesting picture that holds parallels for our time and season. But it would be very easy to apply the details to the wrong "big picture" and come away with applications that are skewed or misleading.

Let us first take an overview of this short book of the Bible. This book, later divided into two chapters, is comprised of a series of prophetic words the Lord gave to the prophet Haggai on three different days within a time span of four months - all set in the context of "the second year of King Darius' reign" (a date we know to be 520 B.C.).

The backdrop of this book is the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem after the 70 year Babylonian captivity of Israel. From the book of Ezra (which mentions the kings Cyrus, Ahasuerus, Artaxerxes and Darius and covers two of the three waves of people that returned to Jerusalem - under Zerubbabel in 538 B.C. and under Ezra in 457 B.C.) we can know that work began on the Temple in 536 B.C. Haggai's prophecies come in 520 B.C., sixteen years after the work had begun - a work which would not be completed until 516 B.C.

  1. Six / One / Five-Twenty B.C. The prophecies of Haggai apply to those who would build the temple of the Holy Spirit in our time much more than we might think.
  2. Six / Twenty-Four / Five-Twenty B.C. Obedience to the King, Christ Jesus, is not optional if we are going to co-labor with Him in building His temple, His body, His people.
  3. Seven / Twenty-One / Five-Twenty B.C. (Part 1) To build God's building, requires obedience to the Spirit of God - and His strength.
  4. Seven / Twenty-One / Five-Twenty B.C. (Part 2) God is building a building capable of withstanding the shaking that He will bring forth in the end times.
  5. Zechariah's Prophecies
  6. 8/24/520 B.C.
  7. 9/24/520 B.C.
  8. 11/24/519 B.C.
  9. 9/4/518 B.C.

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