Hidden "Pastor"-isms

or, Once a "Pastor," Always a "Pastor"?

Neil Girrard

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1 Jn. 2:16

To be a "pastor" of a "church" or an "overseer" on staff at a "church" or denominational (sect) headquarters requires that the man in that unScriptural position and office sublimate some aspect of his spiritual nature in Christ to deception. He must think himself a cut above, especially gifted by God to "minister" to the people, and he is affirmed in those ideas by all the adoration, adulation and emulation he receives each week from all the well meaning people who attend his "church."

When and if such a man exits the "church," it will be very easy for him to underestimate how difficult it is for him to be a real person again after having been a "pastor," especially if he has invested many long years into his notions of "church." Purging that leaven is more work than one would think - and more painful than most can endure. Perhaps what is most overlooked is that all the "church" did was focus on the outward - "the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life" ( 1 Jn. 2:16; top ) - and the inward transformation into the likeness of Christ was not only abandoned, it was scorned. But the inward way is the real following after Christ and it is this error that is perhaps the hardest for any "church"-ite, especially for the "pastor" as the wrongful head of the "church," to overcome.

There simply could not have been the clergy/"pastor" classification for so many centuries if the deceptions did not reach deep into the depths of the fallen human soul. The demonic chose this particular error as one of their most viable schemes to prevent the purpose of God (to call out from the dark world His own family) from being enacted. Many "pastors," especially in the Western world, surely suffer from "dad issues" with their own fathers or operate as "pastor" according to some childhood vows they made to "be significant" in some way or other - and most are likely to deny there is any problem whatsoever in this area! The people who follow "pastors," too, must surely have issues that need addressed as they desire, even require, their "pastors" to be things no man could ever possibly be. This article is not about finding fault - though many will assume it is - it is about finding solutions and stopping aberrant, spiritually destructive behaviors. It is about overcoming deep, dark schemes against humankind so that we might escape the darkness and shine brightly with the light of our heavenly Father in a perverse and corrupt generation.


There are a host of subtle behaviors that will manifest in an ex-"pastor" that will demonstrate he's not as free of the "church" paradigm as he might think he is. And please, keep in mind these are subtle behaviors brought about by centuries, even millennia of clever deceptions worked on men who have negligently and carelessly stepped into a place reserved for Christ and God alone. Also, many of these are sins that are common to mankind - it is just that the "pastor" error tends to build off of these sins and to cause men susceptible to these sins to gravitate to the "pastoral" office.

These things run deep and are practiced quietly by men of honorable intentions and sincere (if mistaken) love for God (at least their own idea of God). This list is provided, not so that we can condemn the man but so that we can aid in his liberation from these schemes of the devil designed to ensnare his soul and to stumble those who would listen to his words. Also, let it be noted that no two "pastors" are exactly alike in these traits, some having more in one area and less in another, and some may actually have overcome one or a few of these traits but possess the others in observable measure - that is, they are observable if you can actually get close enough to the man to see through the nearly impenetrable mask they keep securely in place for all to see. Don't be surprised if you are unable to see through their mask easily.

This list is by no means exhaustive. But any man who has made his exodus from the "church" who once held any kind of "pastor's" position but who cannot recognize that he clearly does these kinds of things is doubly dangerous. He has failed to see what it was he fled from and he is an open vessel for further works of our demonic enemies. Such a man who cannot admit to the presence of these things (when they are patently obvious to others with adequately developed spiritual maturity and discernment) is in no position to lead anyone anywhere. He needs to sit down at the Master's feet and unlearn the ways of his religious flesh, relearn some corrupted things, learn some new things and simply wait for the Lord's leading and direction. Those who attend meetings or who interact with an ex-"pastor" who stubbornly refuses to step down from his self-exalted position and spend time at the Lord's feet should run and not walk to the nearest exit.

Let he who has ears hear.

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