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Jim Baumgaertel

A couple of articles by Jim Baumgaertel asking the right questions and finding the right answers.
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Steve Camp

Steve Camp is a contemporary Christian musician who seems to be taking great steps in his spiritual journey with God. He has published an uncompromising Call for Repentance and Reformation and 107 Theses. May God grant all who read these ears to hear what God is saying to His people.

In addition, I am posting my response to some of Steve Camp's 107 theses. He posted them on "Wittenberg's Door" in the hopes of sparking some discussion about them. I am answering them in the same spirit - even though I seek to discuss things more along the lines of "Just what does it mean to be 'the Church.'" I encourage you to read The Paradigm Shift.
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Amy Carmichael

Entanglements. Excerpted from God's Missionary, this is a timely reminder that we are all called to be free of the entanglements that the world can place upon us.
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Jim Casey

Prophetic Words Given to Jim Casey: These prophetic words were given through Jim Casey from 1994 to 1996. Read them for your edification.
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Jim Corbett

From Our Father's Heart, prophetic words as excerpted from his wonderful book, A White Stone
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Bob Hughey (Jim Nesbitt)

Changes - It's Better Together - Chapter 4 of Bob and Peggy Hughey's biography, Lifestyle of Light, by Jim Nesbit - ex-Church of Christ people whose lives were changed when Bob stopped playing "church" and started living by the Spirit of God.
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Jim, a brother in Christ

Abuse Under a Spiritual Father. One man's experiences in the Apostles and Prophets movement.
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Leonard Ravenhill

Pentecost at Any Cost - a sermon about our urgent need for the Holy Spirit.
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A.B. Simpson

Excerpted from his book, A Larger Christian Life, these writings from almost a hundred years ago still speak to the growing Christian today.
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Frank Viola

His book Pagan Christianity is one of the more important historical research books written for those who want to follow only Christ because the major practices of "church" have no place in the Scriptures. So where do they come from? Summary of the Origins of "Church" Practices is excerpted from the first edition of Frank's book.

A Slippery Slope - Neil Girrard Like Francis Schaeffer's How Shall We Then Live?, Frank's wonderful historical analysis in his first edition of Pagan Christianity is tainted by the short-comings of the last chapter.

If you wish to order a copy of the book for yourself, click here.
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Kenneth Wuest

Mark 1:3 by Kenneth S. Wuest. A Greek scholar's insights into John the Baptist's message to Israel holds things we ought to consider as well.
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