3.13 Mistaken Conception About the Shelter of the Blood


Chapter 3. Deception by Evil Spirits in Modern Times

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Heb. 10:19 π 1 Jn. 1:7 π 1 Jn. 1:9 π Rev. 12:11; 2nd

Ere we pass on to deal with the ground for the working of deceiving spirits in believers, some misinterpretations of truth which are giving ground to the powers of darkness at this time, and which need examination to discover how far they are in accordance with Scripture, may briefly be referred to.

1) A mistaken conception concerning the "shelter of the Blood," claimed upon an assembly as a guarantee of absolute protection from the working of the powers of darkness.

The New Testament "proportion of truth" concerning the application of the Blood, by the Holy Spirit, may briefly be said to be as follows:

1) The Blood of Jesus cleanses from sin, (a) "if we walk in the light," and ( b) "if we confess our sins." ( 1 Jn. 1:7 , 9 )

2) The Blood of Jesus gives access to the Holiest of all; because of the cleansing power from sin. ( Heb. 10:19 )

3) The Blood of Jesus is the ground of victory over Satan, because of its cleansing from every confessed sin, and because at Calvary, Satan was conquered ( Rev. 12:11; top ), but we do not read that any can be put "under the Blood" apart from their own volition, and individual condition before God; e.g., if the "shelter of the Blood" is claimed over an assembly of people, and one present is giving ground for Satan, the "claiming of the Blood" does not avail to prevent Satan working on the ground which he has a right to in that person.

In gatherings of people at all stages of spiritual knowledge and experience, the actual effect of claiming the power of the Blood can only be upon the atmosphere where the evil spirits are; and the Holy Spirit bears witness to it there with immediate cleansing effect, as exampled in Rev. 12:11; top , where the warfare spoken of is in the "heavens," with a spiritual foe, working as an accuser.

A misconception, therefore, about the protecting power of the Blood, is serious; for those who are present in a meeting where Satan is working as well as God, may believe they are personally safe from Satan's workings, apart from their individual condition and dealing with God; whilst through the ground they have given - even unknowingly - to the adversary, they are open to his power.

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