6.18 The Deceived Believer a Slave to Evil Spirits


Chapter 6: Counterfeits of the Divine

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

If yielded to, and believed to be of God, the result is that the believer becomes a slave to a supernatural power which destroys all freedom of volition and judgment. He begins to be afraid to act himself, lest he should not fulfil, what he believes to be, a minute obedience to the “will of God.” He asks “permission” to do the most obviously simple duties of life, and fears to take a step without “permission.” As soon as the deceiving spirits have obtained perfect control, and the believer is so passively automatic that he is incapable of realizing his condition, they do not need to work so much under cover. They insidiously commence to direct him to do the most absurd or foolish things, carefully working inside the range of his passive obedience to their will, so as to avoid the danger of awakening his reasoning powers. As a matter of “obedience,” and not from any true conviction, or true principle, he is bidden to let his hair grow long, so as to be like Samson, a Nazarite; to go without his cap, to prove his willingness to obey in the smallest matters; he must wear faded clothes as a “test” of “no pride,” or as a “crucifixion of self,” or as a mark of “implicit obedience to God.”

These things may seem trifles to others, who use their reasoning powers, but they have great issues in the purpose of the deceiving spirits, who, by these directions, aim at making the believer a passive, unthinking, or unreasoning medium, pliable to their will; in obedience to which - even in these trivial matters - their hold deepens upon him.

When these foolish and absurd actions are publicly visible, the lying spirits know that they have destroyed the testimony of the deceived man in the eyes of sober people; but there are vast numbers of devoted believers, known to the Church at large, who are not pushed to such “extremes” of exterior action; but who are equally misled, or in bondage to “supernatural” commands concerning matters of food, dress, manner, etc., which they think they have received from God. The spirit of judgment of others, and the secret selfesteem for their “consecration to God” which accompanies their “obedience,” betrays the subtle workings of the enemy.

[6.17] How Evil Spirits Adapt Their Guidance to Their Victim
[6.19] The “Planchette” Use of the Believer by Evil Spirits
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