9.10 The Human Spirit Co-Working With the Holy Spirit


Chapter 9: The Volition and Spirit of Man

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

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Eph. 6:12

Walking "after the spirit," and "minding the spirit," does not only mean mind and body subservient to the spirit, but the man's own spirit co-working with the Holy Spirit in the daily life, and all the occasions of life. To do this, the believer needs to know the laws of the spirit, not only the conditions necessary for the Holy Spirit's working, but the laws governing his own spirit, so that it may be kept open to the Spirit of God.

When the Holy Spirit takes the spirit of man as His sanctuary, evil spirits attack the spirit to get it out of co-working with God. They first get access to mind or body, their object being to close the outlet of the Spirit of God dwelling at the centre; or when the man is "spiritual," and the mind and body are subservient to the spirit, the spiritual forces of Satan can come into DIRECT CONTACT with the spirit, and then follows the "wrestling" referred to by Paul. ( Eph. 6:12; top )

If the man becomes "spiritual" through the Baptism of the Spirit, and yet is ignorant of the laws of the spirit, especially the tactics of Satan, he is liable to yield to an onslaught of deceiving spirits by which they

1) force his spirit into strained ecstasy, or elation, or

2) press it down, as it were into a vice.

In the former he is given "visions" and revelations which appear to be divine, but afterwards are proved to have been of the enemy, by their passing away with no results; in the latter the man sinks into darkness and deadness as if he had lost all knowledge of God.

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[9.11] The Believer's Control Over His Spirit
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