Chapter 10. Victory in Conflict

Jesse Penn-Lewis
from War On the Saints

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Lk. 10:19

In a previous chapter we have seen the way of deliverance from possession by evil spirits. The great question here is, how to be victorious over the powers of darkness as a whole. How to have authority, and victory over the wicked spirits in place of their mastery over the believer; who, having learnt the devices of the enemy, and the way of deliverance, is now deeply concerned that others should be set free, and brought into the place of victory "over all the power of the enemy." ( Lk. 10:19; top ) For this he must now understand that the degree of Christ's "authority" the Spirit of God will energize him to exercise over the spirits of evil, will be according to the degree of victory he has over them in the personal conflict, which he must now settle down to face in the sphere of the spiritual life into which he has emerged.

[9.15] Some Descriptions of the Spirit
[10.1] Degrees of Deliverance and Victory
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