10.12 Victory Over Falsehood by Truth


Chapter 10: Victory in Conflict

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

There is no way of victory over falsehood but by truth. To have victory over the devil as a liar, and over his lies, the believer must be determined always to know the truth, and speak the truth about everything, in himself, in others, and around him.

Satan the liar, through his lying spirits, persistently pours lies on the believer all day long; lies into his thoughts about himself, his feelings, his condition, his environment; lies misinterpreting everything in himself, and around him; about others with whom he is in contact; lies about the past and the future; lies about God; and lies about himself, magnifying his power and his authority. To have victory over this persistent stream of lies from the father of lies, the believer must fight

1) with the weapon of God's truth in the written Word, and

2) truth about facts in himself, others and circumstances.

How persistently to "refuse" all lies from the Liar, and his emissaries, is explained in other parts of this book. As the believer increasingly triumphs over the devil as a liar, he grows better able to discern his lies, and equipped to strip away the covering for others.

[10.11] Victory Over Satan as a Liar
[10.13] Victory Over Satan as a Counterfeiter
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