12.20 Satan's Victims Made Victors


Chapter 12: Revival Dawn and the Baptism of the Spirit

from War On the Saints
by Jesse Penn-Lewis

Scriptures Referenced in This Section:
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Rom. 8:17 π 1 Cor. 6:2-3 π Heb. 2:7 π Heb. 2:11-12

The second, and greatest, ultimate result of the operation of the truths concerning the deceptive workings of Satan and the way of victory, is in connection with the dispensational position of the Church, in view of the closing days of the age, and the Millennial Appearing of the Ascended Lord. That Millennial Appearing of the Glorified Christ means to Satan and his hierarchy of powers, the triumph of his erstwhile victims, and their ascension to the throne of Christ, where, in reigning with their Lord, they will "judge angels." ( 1 Cor. 6:2-3 ) It means to the fallen archangel the deepest cup of humiliation he has yet had to drink, when redeemed man, who was for a little while made lower than the angels ( Heb. 2:7 ), and cast down, by his fall, near the level of the beast, is lifted up again, and made to sit among princes; lifted up above the high position which Satan once occupied as a great archangel of God; lifted up to one nature, and one life and position with the Son of God, as an heir of God, and joint-heir with Christ ( Rom. 8:17 ; Heb. 2:11-12; top ); lifted up with the Redeeming Lord, far above all principality and power and every name that is named in heaven or on earth, or below the earth; lifted up to the very side of the Triumphant Lord, to the place of judgment of the foe. For Satan, there awaits the abyss - the bottomless pit - the lake of fire. For his victims - the sharing of the throne of the Son of God, above the angels and archangels of God.

[12.19] Why God Permits Satan's Attacks
[12.21] The Name of the Calvary Victor and Its Power
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